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WH 16-08 Eradicating diabetes with Dr Bera Dordoni


Wise Health

Aired FEB 23-29, 2016

This week on Wise Health join Suma Nathan and Bill Mackie and their special guest Dr Bera Dordoni for our informal discussion on how you can eradicate diabetes in your life. This is part 1 of a 2 part series in which Dr Bera will be sharing her inspirational story that lead her to becoming a Doctor of Naturopathy, author and founder of  the Bastis Foundation and the “Wellness Warriors Project“.  Be sure to tune and learn the things you need to know in order for you to make more informed decisions about your health. The shows also provide many very interesting insights on how to listen to your what your body is telling you it needs, so that you can begin living a healthier, happier and more productive life today.

Here are some of her songs from her CDs for you to listen to…

As we say here on Wise Health…

“An ounce of prevention will benefit your overall health and happiness more than any million dollar medical treatment will ever be able to do for you!”



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About Dr. Bera Dordoni, N.D

Bera Dordoni, N.D., a founding member of BASTIS Foundation and Director of the foundation’s Vitality Program, has nearly three decades of experience in the CAM field as a naturopath, whole-life coach, nutritional counselor, lecturer, organic gardener, and health-oriented cook. She was asked to return from California to New Mexico (where she was born and raised) to fill a void in an area of education – learning how to build and strengthen the immune system naturally. She now runs the Wellness Warriors Project in an effort to help reduce the diabetes epidemic in McKinley County. While she lived in southern California Dr. Bera’s innovative techniques and recipes were called into play at cancer wellness retreats held between St. Joseph’s, St. Mary’s and St. Jude’s Hospitals, where she directed Marriott Hotel chefs hired to prepare meals for the retreats on use of all natural foods. She is also a requested speaker at national health conventions and CAM-oriented expos.She counsels patients (and their animal companions) suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, allergies, obesity and other disabling and life-threatening illnesses. Many clients who were given no hope of recovery from their medical doctors have recaptured their quality of life by simply practicing the three easy steps of her Vitality Program.Dordoni’s potent herbal line of detoxification and rebuilding tonics is used in medical clinics internationally, including the acclaimed Institute for Progressive Medicine in California. Dordoni is the author of the CAM-educational book I Have a Choice?!, a trade paperback that has won praise from both CAM and allopathic physicians for its even-handed introduction to the benefits of alternative and complementary medicine, and is finishing up her sequel to this book with more informative, enlightening information that can easily be read by anyone. Her Words of Wellness column educated readers for the last 4 years in the Gallup Journey until she pulled her column when a new editor started asking for hunting trophies for the magazine.Dr. Bera and her husband Ron provide an organic juice and coffee bar and free educational materials at the Ramah Farmers Market during the summer. All produce for this comes from their organic garden. They have also prepared on-site nourishing, vibrant, organic meals for the market festival – complete farm-to-table preparations

For more information about Dr Bera Dordoni please visit her website…


Order your copy of her book “I Have a Choice?!” and CDs online…

I have a choice

I HAVE A CHOICE?! tells readers how to stay alive

Tom DoRight faces the ultimate health-system horror; surgery or death. He just wants to feel better — right now! Trouble is, Tom has a paralyzing fear of knives. Just when it seems his worst nightmare is about to come true, a friend offers him something else: whole-body healing. Guided by Dr. Feelgood, Tom learns he has options–that there’s not just one medical path to follow. He finds out how and why he can increase his chances of full recovery by interlacing alternative healing techniques with today’s high-tech AMA medicine, and, even more important, how and why he can heal without any risk-laden treatments.

  1. I HAVE A CHOICE?! explains: How we create disease-friendly environments in our bodies — and how we can destroy them What effect exercise really has on illness – even osteoporosis! Simple facts about the hodge-podge world of diet What proper food combining means and how it helps kill cancer The secrets of cellular oxygenation Antioxidants and free-radical scavenging made easy How to “tune-up” the organic energy machine known as the human body Using vitamins and herbs The remarkable healing powers of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juicing How homeopathy really works — and why it sometimes doesn’t


About the Hosts…

To read Suma `The Snake Oil Woman` Nathan’s bio Click Here

To read Bill `Smok`n DAWG` Macquis’s bio Click Here


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“Music soothes the soul”

Music is one the most therapeutic and healing natural medicines man has ever created. When you view and listen to this video think of their lyrics as speaking to the relationship you  have with S-E-L-F. The Soul Enabled Life Force that is there guiding you on how to live life to become healthier and happier every day! This videos might provide the inspiration you need to star believing that you too have the natural ability to overcome any health obstacles life throws at you…..


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