The Metaphysical Hub came to be after years of contemplating and realizing there was a need out there not only for spiritual education sites but also a site that serves as a resource to find the information being searched for.  A site that reviews the authenticity AND effectiveness of the vast bodies of knowledge, tools and teachings out there.   A place where anyone can share their own metaphysical insights and experiences and a place to find what is happening around the globe.  Where can one go to find the answers while they are on their journey to find themselves.. 


It all started at a metaphysical store in Surrey BC in 2011-12.  A place run by Lois Venetz, and later I joined her to help her with the store.  

I'm, Shahiroz Walji.   From a very young age I've been interested in metaphysics.  As a way of life I meditate daily and do a lot of reading and research.


Professionally I’m pretty much a geek.  IT always was and now AV too is my expertise and experience.  Including managing a computer department at London Drugs and achieving Manager of the Year.

In one’s life there can come a time when you realize it is time to start to ride your passions.  If you don’t do it yourself then it seems as though events in your life eventually force you to.  

So due to such a shift, my life changed.  Years back I found myself helping run a metaphysical store and growing a metaphysical community.   On YouTube you will find many interviews I did with practitioners of self help and holistic modalities who’s products and services I had the great pleasure to showcase and share.   It’s also at about that time when I became involved in Young Living, NLP, Reiki, Theta Healiing, Hypnotherapy, Mediumship, Crystals/Crystal Healing, Emotion Code, Matrix Energetics, various healing devices and other modalities.  Many I was certified in and continue to be.


So I went from Business and Information Systems to a Degree in Metaphysics.  

I can humbly say I have had the great pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing motivational speakers.   Some of whom are no longer with us.

I am now with David Sereda Lightstream, as Head of the Sales and Service Department and I lead the Lightstream Technologies Community.   It is here that I’ve met old soul family members such as Parvinder Grewal, David Sereda, and Fred Shute and I’ve also made many new friends through our clientele.  I can’t begin to tell you what a synchronicity this has been in my life and how magical the Light Stream technology journey is.   Working with the David Sereda products and frequencies has been nothing short of miraculous.  I can’t wait to see you all embark on this miraculous adventure too.  At the very least everyone should own one David Sereda product and have experience with his frequencies.  I promise that you will find its only the beginning as many clients have also.  

Academically I have years of study in metaphysics, philosophy, and world faiths and their texts, having been an editor, reviewer and researcher for scholarly texts too.  For pleasure, I’m a singer and love to vocalize.   A psychic once told me that one day I will be instrumental in healing people with sound.   I used to think it was my voice.   I now know it is frequency and the David Sereda products.  These are now part of my daily life.   They, believe it or not have been instrumental in bringing peace and direction back in my life after a really long period of chaos. 

I know my life has lead me to my beautiful clients, and their experiences with the lightstream devices drive me to want to help in the endeavour of getting these products in the hands of every single individual In the world.  They are divinely inspired products that emit a magical energy.  Nothing out there comes close.

There’s some amazing individuals in the David Sereda Lightstream community with their own stories to share.   I’m very much looking forward to calling and getting to know anyone interested in learning a bit more as you too get to explore and enjoy these products.   

Thank you everyone for affording me your time to share my story.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have.  The only thing I request is to email or text me as well as call since I spend most of my time on the phone my messages really pile up.   I commit to getting back to you same or next business day.  

Love and Light,

Shahiroz (Shyrose) Walji
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