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Learn Some Metaphysical Terms

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Astral Projection:

The innate ability to separate your conscious mind from your physical body, usually during a meditative or sleep-like state, self-induced trance, or while under medical sedation. It enables you to view your own body while floating above it.


The supposed power to hear things outside the range of normal perception


A center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy. Chakra are commonly described, as above, as energy centers in the spine located at major branchings of the human nervous system, beginning at the base of the spinal column and moving upward to the top of the skull. There are 7 major chakras.

Crystal Healing:

The therapeutic application of crystals and gemstones for healing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Also Gem Therapy and Gemstone-Reiki Therapy.


A word channeled in a tale, said to be an ancient Lemurian word encompassing “hello and goodbye” and “thank you for taking/embracing your power.”


A person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension.


Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.


The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis, that are inexplicable by science; the study of the evidence of mental awareness or influence of external objects without interaction from known physical means.


Stones or tiles that are inscribed with ancient Viking or Scandinavian alphabet that have special means that psychics can use for discovering the guidance that one needs today.


A spiritual healer who helps the client to find a connection between the visible and invisible world. A shaman will often work with herbs, use drumming and ritual, and vision quests to find answers to the complicating questions of modern life. Every indigenous culture had a shamanic leader and those who practice today follow many native paths or teachings. They always work with spiritual guides or totem animals.


The belief that the dead communicate with the living, as through a medium.

Third Eye:

 a metaphysical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna (brow) chakra in certain Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. The third eye is often associated with visions, clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body experiences, and people who have allegedly developed the capacity to use their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.


The study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs.

Color Therapy: 

The individual colors of the spectrum each give off a unique vibration that affects our body’s physical and mental well being. Color has a profound affect on our daily lives. Color therapy is the use of color, usually combined with light, crystals, gems and their corresponding chakras to heal certain ailments of the body and spirit.


An individual that can psychically feel what another individual is feeling and use this information to help another by revealing what is felt at a very deep level. The empath may actually experience the pain or joy or fear of the person that they are helping.


The discovery of information that is not readily available to the conscious mind. It is the way discovering of occult or hidden information. All psychics do some form of divination in order to guide and help their clients.


The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition. A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression.


Parapsychological activities, such as telepathy and mind reading; the belief that some mental phenomena cannot be explained by physical laws.


A method by which an individual can obtain guidance from spiritual sources. Examples are tarot cards, rune stones, Ouija Boards, pendulums and so forth. A psychic is an oracle for the client with whom he or she consults.


A presentiment of the future; a foreboding; a warning in advance; a forewarning.


A meeting of people to receive spiritualistic messages.

Sixth Sense:

A power of perception seemingly independent of the five senses; keen intuition.


The belief that everything and everyone in the universe is connected by a universal force and therefore there is no coincidence. The famous Swiss Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung referred to synchronicity as “meaningful coincidence”.

Totem Animal:

In Native American Indian culture these are different animal guides that come in and out of our lives depending on the direction that we are headed and the tasks that need to be completed along our journey.

Astral Travel: 

A step beyond astral projection, astral travel is the ability of your conscious mind to travel to a distant location without your physical body.


The energy field emanating from the surface of a person or object. This emanation is visualized as an outline of cascading color and may be held to represent soul vibrations, chakric emergence or a reflection of surrounding energy fields.


The supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses; acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.

Extrasensory perception:

Perception by means other than through the ordinary senses, as in telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition. Apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses.


An individual who can retrieve information about an individual, an event, or question based upon information that is not normally available on a conscious level. An intuitive person has heightened sensitivity to the energies surrounding an individual.


Without material form or tangible substance.


The practice or art of telling fortunes and determining personality from the lines, marks and patterns on the palms of the hands.


A person apparently responsive to psychic forces; capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy. This is a broad term used to define those who work in the area of spiritual counseling, guidance, and advice.


A claivoyant or prophet.

Soul Mate:

A soul mate is any individual with whom one has a spiritual connection from a past life. This could be friends, family members, lovers, and even enemies. This is different from a Twin Flame.

Tarot Cards:

A set of (usually 72) cards that include 22 cards representing virtues and vices and death and fortune etc.; used by fortune teller.

Twin Flame:

The other half of a soul that has been divided by being born into this physical reality. When twin flames meet it is like the soul is complete again. One may or may not marry a twin flame. In fact, one’s twin flame could be a friend, one’s child, or even one’s business partner. One can recognize a twin flame when a feeling of being complete brings peace to the heart.


A mineral specimen that certain people believe has healing, mystical or paranormal powers.


A person who can feel the vibration of other people. There are many different degrees of clairsentience ranging from the perception of diseases of other people to the thoughts or emotions of other people. There are two forms of clairsentience: empathy and psychic knowing. Clairsentience is the ability to “know” about someone or something without the use of the five senses for input.

Feng Shui:

The ancient Chinese art of placement. The goal is to promote the positive flow of chi (energy) in one’s home and environment in order to find harmony and prosperity in one’s life and relationships. This is a shamanistic form of guidance and help.


Relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts (holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body).

Light Worker:

A person who feels inspired to help others through spiritual meditation, teaching, healing, prayer, writing and speaking through unconditonal love. Also refers to a person who works with light energy according to a wide variety of New age and alternative healing practices. Some of the more common forms of light work are healing modalities that use different energetic processes such as reiki, and balancing or connecting energies from one place to another, such as from the universe to the earth grids.


Without material form or tangible substance.


The practice or art of telling fortunes and determining personality from the lines, marks and patterns on the palms of the hands.


A complimentary therapy of healing. The technique is similar to the laying on of hands, which is said to channel “healing energy” through the palms of the hands.

Sound Therapy:

Refers to a range of therapies in which sound is used to treat physical and mental conditions. In general, this therapy is based on the theory that all of life vibrates, including people’s bodies. When a person’s healthy resonant frequency is out of balance, physical and emotional health is affected. Treatment by sound waves is believed to restore that healthy balance to the body. Healing is done by transmitting beneficial sound to the affected area.


Communication through means other than the senses, as by the exercise of an occult power.


The twelve divisions into sun signs or lunar animals in astrology.

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