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BB21-04 Susan Giddings Building Buyers On Social Media

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Susan Giddings, on air from January 26th

Break down the walls of social media in order to build and grow a successful business online.

Relationship building and trust are the key elements to making sales online and off. And without sales you have a very expensive hobby.

Being visible, creating human connection and building relationships are key to your business success online.

Susan Giddings is your No BS Business Coach-sultant.

She is the CEO of Unicorn Culture Coaching Home of the EDGE Business Programs, where she simplifies business and marketing for business owners and entrepreneurs serious about growth.

With degrees in business administration and accounting and 30 + years as a successful entrepreneur in the traditional business world, a major heart attack forced her to sell her beloved publishing, marketing, and advertising business and transition into the digital business world.

Now she is honored to share her business, marketing and sales knowledge to help support, encourage, inspire and empower, ambitious, determined women cut through the BS to turn their passions and ideas into successful, profitable and sustainable businesses.


5 Keys To Building An Audience Of Buyers On Social Media


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