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21-03 Keep on Smiling Joy

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from January 19th

I know, it is hard to keep smiling when the world is upside down, but to smile is to share the light of hope when we need it the most. A smile is so simple and has such an impact on all those who receive it.

I know you think no one can see the smile through the mask, but a smile can be heard in your voice and seen in your eyes even in your posture.

Is it so hard to give a smile? no, it makes you feel better, it is one of those things that has a positive impact on the giver and receiver. When you smile, you are saying you care to the person you smile to. When they smile back, it is a gift to you .

A smile can say so much…

I care

I see you

I hear you

I feel for you

I have empathy towards you.

A smile takes nothing to do, but says so much and shows such kindness in one smiling way.

So smile, even in your mirror, smile to your self, it is catching and will make you feel better which in turn, makes others feel better too.


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