RG21-04 Brenda E. Koch, Kids books to Accept and Unify

Raising our gifted children with Sara Troy and her guest Brenda Koch, on air from January 26th

Let’s Play. This book is a simple read that teaches, children at a young age, everyone is unique. Bobby, our main character will help children understand, we are all different from one another in many ways, but we are all perfect just the way we are.

Let’s Go, Bobby, our main character is back and, in this book, he shows children what a day in his life looks like. He shows them his prosthetic and tells them what it is. He explains, inclusion and accessibility and hopes to raise awareness in helping everyone understand, LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO, NOT WHAT I CAN’T D0!

Bullying It Hurts. This book tackles both sides of the bullying equation. Readers-both children and their parents will learn to recognize bullying, not to be afraid of it, and how to be assertive in response. This simple story will help them appreciate the value of feeling empowered in the earliest encounters with such behaviour. At last, the message is clear: Bullying is not OK, and we must stand up for ourselves.

Educated as an Early Childhood Educator and Aboriginal Child Development Practitioner, I have worked and volunteered with children for over thirty years. I have written three books and all three have won awards.

Currently, I live in Ontario, I have been married to my husband Al for thirty-seven years, we have three sons, and three grandchildren I can’t wait for Covid to be over so I can spend time with my family. I can often be found at the YMCA and biking with my dog. Presently, I am just finishing up an educational colouring book and I have a few ideas jotted down for my next book.










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