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BB21-03 Create Your Own Rich Life Online,with Italina.

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Italina Kirknis on air from January 19th

Create Your Own Rich Life
Societal and familial norms and pressures, and the long list of expectations and obligations that
we are burdened with, can make it difficult for us to pursue our passions and profit from our
passions. However, regardless of what’s been expected of you or where you are in your life, you
can create your own rich life.
Prepare to be over the top inspired to create your own rich life.
 Nothing is a Waste
 Make it Greater Later
 Act in the Face of Fear 

National Speaker Italina As an Online Presence Expert & Speaker, Italina helps you upgrade your presence online through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Italina and her team of Social Media Managers, help you gain more visibility online, driving a steady stream of clients to your business. You should know Italina is trained as an attorney; she has a Juris Doctorate Degree and has a legal background. However, like many recovering attorneys, Italina is now practicing her passion, Online Branding & Marketing. Since 2012, her business has been the vehicle for her personal and spiritual growth, while she creates value for each of her clients.


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