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Dr Lesley Phillips

Intuitive Spiritual


Our Featured Interview

Shahiroz Walji Interview

with David Sereda

August 2019

Our Featured Product

David Sereda

Vortex Bed

David Sereda.Co

Shahiroz Walji 

for David Sereda  

4:30 PST Wednesdays

Text 778.386.1786 for link

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David Sereda Lightstream Harmonics


Shahiroz Walji

7:00PM PST Thursdays

Text Meta to 778.386.1786

for link


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Our Purpose

1.  To bring the global community honest and quality teachers, learning resources and products.

2. To be a place where we can share our thoughts and feelings freely and openly.

3.  To be a place to share knowledge, products and services that Raise Consciousn. 

4. Here you will find interviews, and teaching videos from a variety of Teachers, Healers, Psychics and other Metaphysical Practitioners.

5. To provide authentic information

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The Authentic David Sereda Product line
available here! 
Email or call/text me if interested. 778.386.1786

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