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Salma Kassam

Medium and Channelor

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Shahiroz Walji Interview

with David Sereda

August 2019

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David Sereda Vortex Bed

Shahiroz Walji 

for David Sereda  

4:30 PST Wednesdays

Text 778.386.1786 for link

David Sereda Lightstream Harmonics

Shahiroz Walji

4:30 PST Thursdays

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Salma Kassam

Medium and Angelic Channel


Shahiroz Walji

Metaphysical Scholar



Metaphysical Hub was established as a means to fill the void of a website that reviews and rates and shares metaphysical practitioners, products and services AND also built as a means for light seekers to find light workers.


Our Purpose

1.  To bring the global community honest and quality teachers, learning resources and products.

2. To be a place where we can share our thoughts and feelings freely and openly.

3.  To be a place to share knowledge, products and services that Raise Consciousn. 

4. Here you will find interviews, and teaching videos from a variety of Teachers, Healers, Psychics and other Metaphysical Practitioners.

5. To provide authentic information

The Authentic David Sereda Product line

available here!  Email me if interested.


Woman Walking in the Field

Where We All Meet in Love and Light

At Metaphysical Hub, we believe that everybody deserves to know all they can about who they truly are. We offer a safe space for anyone interested in metaphysics to learn more about healing and raising consciousness. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Courses for Everyone Coming Soon

Metaphysical Hub is much more than a social virtual hangout.  You can come here to learn all you can about how to to be a better you.

Some Beautiful Encounters

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Angels and Guides
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Learn about you through the many insightful interviews

If there is someone you want to know more about visit the practitioner section and you can get in contact with them.

We encourage you to watch as many as you like and look forward to you sharing your thoughts with us.

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Please note:  the information, products or services provided on this site and the sites and teaching content of any of the contributors is strictly for entertainment and for theoretical exploration only; it is not verified and certainly not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, ailment or affliction.   Also please verify any claims from any of the contributors on the site as they too are sharing their opinions only.  Neither they or weWe do not take any liability for any reason.

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