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21-04 Changing of the guard into Actionism

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from January 26th

There has been a changing of the guard, one from complete abuse of power to a sensible balance, but it does not mean peace straight away. Far from it, the unrest still smoulders beneath and will continue to grow unless stopped right now at its roots, if not, a civil war will happen in the USA.

I like that President Biden speaks from his soul, his love and services to America is evident and with Vice Kamala Harris at his side, who is a no-nonsense person, we should see some good things getting done; but again, they won’t’ be perfect, nothing ever is. It is about finding a balance between what can be done and what will have to wait or change directions. There are still those republicans who will out of spite try to block anything democratic. I do not know whom they serve, but it seems to be their own interest.

Because of the last 4-5 years of perpetual hate and tension, the world just wants a boring and stable government that speaks in a concise way, and does not bring their insecurity or greed and opulence into the picture. Power in the wrong EGO hands is a destroyer. We have had enough of that, for the discord was felt around the world, and with a raging pandemic that has been so badly out or control and mismanaged, we have enough on our plates.

We are as a human race, needing to find an equilibrium of soul, heart, health, spirit and monetary security, for we are so tired of wars, of fighting, of instability, of all the hate-mongering and the HUMAN injustices that keep prevailing. It is time for a radical change, where we put all life forms as a priority, that means humans, animals, earth, oceans, forests, etc. Killing for pleasure is a NO NO, killing for power a NO NO, killing for greed, a big NO NO, WE WON’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

So ask your self, where ever you are, what are you going to do you your self to bring about a balance in your life and in the lives of others? for we are all in the same boat and we need each other to not only survive but thrive as a human race on this poor abused planet.

HEALING TIME IS HERE, AND WE ARE ALL THE MEDICIAN IT IS IN OUR ACTIONS, THOUGHTS, AND HEARTS. I do believe we can turn the corner and make this planet a more loving place to live, a more respectful arena to grow in and with a whole load of compassion, we can have that peace we seek, and be that abundance we want, but we must step up and be apart of the solution and not the problem,. for doing nothing, is being part of the issue, we all must in some way big of small, change the way we treat each other, our selves, our planet, all life forms and place a urgency on kindness, caringness and love.

I am happy to hear from anyone who has decided to turn the corner and step up, share with us your why and how, and let us be there in support for each other.


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