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20-54 GoodBye 2020 Hello 2021

Sara’s View of life with Sara Troy, on air from December 29th

2020 has been a year of self discovery, we have discovered how resilient we are, how strong, how fearful, how diverse we can be. It has been a year of changes, for the worst and better. We have seen….







and we have seen people

Rise up,

Step up,

Stand up for change.

We have seen





Caringness and indeed LOVE.

We have seen who the real essential people are, the everyday workers who kept us fed, the front liners who risk their lives for us. The caretakers who clean up the mess, the supporters who never waver.

The Universe shook us up to wake us up so we can step up to change it up.

Now we are awake, we see that the old norm will not nor should not come back. Many sacrifices have been made, many victims, but from these ashes, we will rise, we will rise up stronger, as one human race, we will rise up in compassion and kindness towards each other, we will stand with one another in the healing, we will care for each other no matter our race, religion, sex, education, entitlement or creed, for we are one and as one we must walk into 2021 in unity and collaboration together.


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