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21-01 My 2021 will be abundant in Actionisim.

Sara’s View of Life with Saras Troy, on air from January 5th

Yes, we had a very tremulous 2020, but it was also a year of reflection and reviewing for renewing. A time to know what we don’t want, what is really important and where we really need to put our energies. A time for seeding possibilities and seeking opportunities, a time of gratitude and a positive attitude.

I was very busy doing shows on serving to the needs of covid pivoting, and reflecting those redirects for us all to embrace during these times, and very successfully with so many awesome generous people who led us the way. What I wanted to achieve in 2020 was put on hold. That is ok, everything has its time, and it only endorsed what I really wanted to do even more. So 2021 with seeds planted, and now a time of watering, nurturing and growing those intentions into 2021 completion.

So this is my year of Actionisim, not more talking, planning, but acting on it and making it happen. I have over the years ventured into many alignments, but they have not always been cohesive, but, from the past, a friend of 11 years, asked if we could align our platforms as we are travelling the same vibrational road. So now we look to merging our wondrous platforms and invite the world to travel with us on this road of Self Discovery and our Metaphysical Energies into exploring our universal options in aligning our cosmic souls to our human beingness.

So my 3-year dream is about to come into being this year along with my co-piolet Shahiroz, together with our combined expertise, we will bring you new shows, new hosts, new Mentors, a new podcast-book platform and much more because we are bringing our energies into alignment to make it so.

We need a month or so to make the alignment, and then we will launch our togetherness. I will still be on Self Discovery Media and Community but also merged with The Metaphysical Hub.

So stay tuned folks, 2021 will be filled with possibilities and opportunities, wisdom and earthly knowledge and share with you the answers you need to embrace this year of new directions.


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