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Welcome to 2020 your Self Discovery

Well we are at a new year, what wonders will 2020 bring? Through all the years I have been interviewing on podcasts, one thing is for sure, we are all ready for change.

Change is within our grasp, for we are the change we seek. Life is about tuning in to ones inner self and living from the inside out. Action and interaction is key if we wish to make those changes as is sharing the stories of those who embraced change.

The Choice is ours to make, are we going to live in the past of pain and doctrine or are we going to allow ourselves to open up to what is possible if we choose to step out of anguish and step into the joy of life.

So I invite you to join us here on Self Discovery Media and Self Discovery Community (a resign and new name Discovering Communities org is in the works for you starting late January) With over 2500 collective shows and blogs, there is an answer to your question awaiting you.

So take some time and cruise our shows genre and hear the wisdom you need to advance forward into your own life, making this the best year ever for you.

To be a guest with us go here to be a host go here.

Stay tuned with us for collaborative podcast books are coming in 2020.




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