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CAT BEINGS ORACLE December 2013 Copyright September 2 – 17, 2013 * Mary Elizabeth Hoffman * All Rights Reserved

Energies for your month of December 2013 bring with them challenges as well as opportunity for tremendous expansion in the area of communicating passion for all life and all living beings, making its expression a True reality on earth once more. Through living, being and doing in Balanced Reciprocity grand openings, powerful portals and blissful experiences become a reality. Opting to experience these shifts with struggle, fear or drama/trauma by focusing on greed, money, taking advantage of others or through attempts at deceit, misrepresentation, illusion or out and out dishonesty shall manifest heartbreak and loss.

The lip service perpetuated in times past during your false ‘holiday’ season shall be seen clearly by the masses for what it has become – a greed driven consumption of unnecessary things given and done as expected with little honoring, very little thought, caring or compassion for the purpose of assuaging guilt and living up to or down to the expectations of others. Genuine Balanced Reciprocity – without expectation or indebtedness – shall shift this spiritual Cosmic celebration time into one of open receptivity and gratitude, feeding and receiving the ancient wisdom and knowledge pouring out of the Galactic Center as Cupido is activated reminding all beings that they are connected to each other and all that is. The Web of Eternity within which all the Kingdoms reside is illumined, expanded and anchored into earth and all its inhabitants, linking the sacred marriage of all opposites in balance and harmony within each heart.

The inspiration and creativity that shall be sparked from within the Heart of the Jewel of Truth about all creation and existence shall shimmer brightly reflecting the many colors of the Rainbow Spectrum of Truth as the zillions of facets put on a Light display projecting all possibilities and options of expression possible by individual members of each of the various Kingdoms – Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator. As each individual Kingdom member steps forth to have their Spirit Fire Initiation experience, they become active participants, creative artists and harmonizing tuning forks in their daily lives with each breath they take and each choice they make on their Soul Journey. Whether done with conscious awareness or without, each member of each Kingdom shall expand their Soul Heart to manifest Heaven on Earth and throughout the Cosmos. The free will choice is whether this shall be expressed in Balanced Reciprocity or in more challenging ways. What ever the choice, IT SHALL BE DONE!

We, Cat Beings shall be present to facilitate full opening and expression of the Soul Heart’s energies with all living beings on Earth. In Our Bastet presence, We act as guides, teachers and way showers for creating, building and enhancing Balanced Reciprocity within the home, family and local community. We, Bastets encourage the creation of sacredness within the home dwelling encompassing those family members – be they of choice or blood – that make up the geometry of the ‘family’. We Bastets share Our wisdom to enhance the support network within the home environment with guidance, linking in healthy balanced reciprocal ways with the local community sharing resources, expertise and advice in ways that maintain Balanced Reciprocity nurturing all. We present Ourselves physically through the domestic kitty found in small and large groups in neighborhoods, barns and homes.

In our Hathor expression, We Cat Beings teach ritual, ceremony, music, dance and song sharing Our wisdom in their uses to increase and empower Balanced Reciprocity through communicating passion for all life and all living beings found deep within the Soul Heart. We, Hathors’ forte’ is connection with the Heart of the Cosmos and the Mother of All Creation sharing ways to bring through and express these energies with integrity, honesty, truth and love for the betterment of the flow of Balanced Reciprocity in the enjoyment of daily life. Sometimes We Hathors appear as deer gently luring those that are receptive into new adventures and experiences in light, life and love. Our distinct guttural purring sound acts as a perpetual tuning fork opening the heart of all beings to the harmonious flow of the figure 8 energies of light, life and love. We Hathors harmonize the heart vibrations with our purring tones. 1 CAT BEINGS ORACLE December 2013 Copyright September 2 – 17, 2013 * Mary Elizabeth Hoffman * All Rights Reserved

As the Cat Beings, Sekhmet, We facilitate movement through and release of blocks, fears and limitations physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etherically, astrally and karmically with all beings in all times, spaces and dimensions, past, present and future. We, Sekhmets share wisdom in the healing arts bringing Balanced Reciprocity into Our knowledge of herbs, energy and vibration, as well as being activators and catalysts for profound change when fear persists in creating stuckness on whatever level it manifests. Our physical manifestation is as the black panther or black jaguar found throughout the Americas.

We, Tefnut Cat Beings offer our expertise and long time experience sharing our knowledge, wisdom and Truth facilitating an understanding of timing in all things. We, Tefnuts have awareness and understanding of Universal Truths, Cosmic Timing and the flow of events with great wisdom in regards to their beginnings, endings and potential short circuits along the way. Our information is shared with little fanfare, great directness and vivid detail. We, Tefnuts facilitate alignment of personal timing with Cosmic Timing to enhance opportunities. As Tefnuts, we are recognized in physical form as cougars, mountain lions, pumas or lions/ lionesses.

As Seshata, We Cat Beings make Our presence known only when necessary. We, Seshatas are a powerful expression of the Balanced Reciprocity of Dark and Light. The sharing of Our wisdom brings portends, as We, Seshatas stand on the threshold of what has been and what may be – of yesterday and tomorrow. As the bridge between what has been and what shall be, We, Seshatas are the spinners of new threads to be woven into the Tapestry of Beingness, moving in and out of the Void of All Possibilities with great adeptness. We, Seshatas are brilliant at Veil of Illusion, being quite able to appear and disappear at will – now you see Us, now We are gone. We are physically represented by the leopard or spotted jaguar.

December 2 -3, 2013 New Moon in mid Sagittarius at 4:24 pm PST, 7:24 pm EST, December 3, 2013 at

12:24 am GMT square Chiron in Pisces brings messages, visions, dreams, visitations, apparitions, portends and inter-dimensional portals through which may be received Halls of Records information about the waning Age of Pisces revealing what has yet to be accomplished to bring about its completion and closure, individually and collectively on a personal as well as cosmic scale. This signals the countdown before the next New Moon on January 1, 2014 in Capricorn bringing in the energies of anchoring and expressing the Soul Heart, experiencing feelings and emotions honestly and harmoniously on a daily basis. This is in preparation for the presentation of the new age of Aquarius more fully beginning in 2014. Full Moon in Cancer December 17, 2013 at 1:29 am PST, 4:29 am EST, 9:29 am GMT with the Sun exactly conjunct the Galactic Center signals a Divine peak of opening of the aperture at the center of the Milky Way galaxy pouring the Water of Divine Wisdom from the Urn Aquarius out of the Cosmic Sea of Creation onto the earth and all its inhabitants. Those open and receptive shall receive a deep sense of knowing and understanding returning the flow of energies in Balanced Reciprocity to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. In so doing, the harmonious flow between Cosmos and earth is reinstated returning order and Balanced Reciprocity to all those participating – whether consciously or simply because they feel guided to ‘do the right thing’. With Venus in late Capricorn opposite Vulcanus in Cancer, the explosive energies of the Soul Heart of the Earth, Panden shall seek to unite and communicate with the Isis Earth Mother energies in ecstatic Balanced Reciprocity forging a deeper level of intimacy, honor, honesty, respect and love between the Yin Yang energies in all times, spaces and dimensions throughout the Cosmos. As this powerful union takes place increasing the flow of Balanced Reciprocity between the Earth Mother and the Earth Soul Spirit deepening their level of connection and intimacy their love expression and experience shall be felt by all inhabitants upon and within the earth as well as throughout the Cosmos. The profound healing of schisms created and perpetuated by false truths in the Isis/Osiris and Adam/Eve myths shall be overturned making way for recognition and acknowledge 2 CAT BEINGS ORACLE December 2013 Copyright September 2 – 17, 2013 * Mary Elizabeth Hoffman * All Rights Reserved ment of the full Truth of the myths of Tefnut/Sekhmet/Hathor and Adam/Lilith/Eve to be revealed in their entirety. Profound revelations as to the biases in belief that have been perpetuated throughout eons shall come forth making way for the birth of a new myth, a new story, a new belief in connection, communication,cooperation and inter relationship based on honor, respect, integrity, honesty and continual spiritual growth.

Follow your Soul Heart. It shall lead you Home!

Solstice, December 21, 2013 9:12 am PST, 12:12 pm EST, 5:12 pm GMT brings powerful messengers,messages, communications, portends, dreams and visions as the Galactic Halls of Records pours forth mounds of knowledge, wisdom and communication activating the Halls of Records within individuals throughout the earth. With Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center and the Moon in Leo profound Truths shall be seen, known, experienced and accepted deep within the psyche and the soul. As the Sun transits through the sign of Capricorn over the next month, these rays of Truth shall be ignited into full expression by all. With Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, square Uranus in Aries, square Kronos in Cancer this Cardinal Square brings with it the ability to ‘see’ new pathways and directions that nurture rather than destroy, that build and create rather than just tear down, that bring change in new ways that are life affirming, loving and supportive to all living beings – including the earth. Balanced Reciprocity is open, receptive and accepting, giving in return.

December 21, 2013 to January 31, 2014 Venus is Retrograde in Capricorn returning to station March 4, 2014. Learning to communicate passion for all life and all living beings via the Soul Heart shall be the challenge during this time period. Surrendering to the Wisdom of the Soul Heart insures success. Attempts to maintain the status quo through trying to perpetuate fear by manipulating the minds, hearts and emotions of those living on earth in order to control, dominate and subdue shall come to explosive conclusions as more and more members of the Human Kingdom seek guidance and wisdom from their guides and guardian angels and members of the Creator Kingdom – including We, Cat Beings. The desire is the full and total expression and experience of the communication of passion for all life and all living beings everywhere regardless of cultural, ethnic, religious, ideological or climatic differences. Balanced Reciprocity is a Cosmic Truth for All During this retrograde many shall discover the Truth of their inner Soul Heart freeing themselves from former limitations, restrictions and beliefs. Some relationships shall come to a close, as new ones are discovered. The Cosmic Dance of Balanced Reciprocity shall feed these new relationships expanding and enhancing them as they move and grow.

As your new year approaches it signals a new beginning for the Human Kingdom on earth. In Balanced Reciprocity the Human Kingdom shall take its responsive, responsible place with all the Kingdoms of the earth to once again create the Garden of Eden in physical form on earth. The Earth Mother and Earth Soul Spirit shall be calling to those desirous of actively participating in this Cosmic Creative endeavor. The Human Kingdom is here to be RESPONSIBLE, RESPONSIVE partners and co-creators with all the Kingdoms of the earth to bring the Garden of Eden to life once more on the earth in all its beauty, juiciness and joy.

Together it is possible for the Human Kingdom -with the assistance of the other Kingdoms – to dissolve the fear which has been created since the time of Adam and Eve and before. It was created, fed and has been perpetuated by the Human Kingdom for eons. It may be dissipated, dissolved, transformed and transmuted by its creators (the Human Kingdom) through focus and choice. It is good. It is done. So be it. So it is!

Namaste’ The Cat Beings through Rev Mary Elizabeth Hoffman Balanced Reciprocity Intensives available in 1, 3 and 5 day increments. See Facebook or website for details.


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