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TM20-51 Phyllis Ayman and Respect Seniors Straight Talk

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Phyllis Ayman, on air from December 14th

The story begins from inside the COVID19 storm which ravaged our nation’s nursing homes, affecting the over one million residents and the healthcare workers who are the true unsung heroes working there. It offers an on the ground perspective on how it felt inside the nursing home, especially the lack of PPE that impacted the spread of the virus. Dignity & Respect continues tracing the story to the ill effects of isolation and loneliness on older adults, whether they are living in nursing homes or amongst us in our nation’s communities, and goes on to address our attitudes towards aging and older adults. These attitudes are deeply entrenched in our language and our culture and affect how we feel about “getting older.” from both a societal and individual perspective, ultimately affecting the care our elders receive. This insightful and informative book asserts that the core values of respect and dignity are the foundation for developing strategies that will help all those we love and our future selves. to achieve a greater sense of peace and contentment as we age.

Phyllis is an eldercare advisor, family care mediator and strategist, advocate, speech/language pathologist, speaker and trainer for the public and private sector and holds various certifications for dementia training. She’s worked with thousands of residents, families and health care workers in almost 50 nursing homes during a career that spans approximately 45 years. Phyllis has been an advocate and outspoken proponent for improved dignity, respect, quality of life and quality of care for our elder citizens who she says are essentially our future selves.

Phyllis conceptualized and hosts the podcast SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk on the Voice America Empowerment Channel and popular podcast platforms. The podcast is now produced in collaboration with the Pass It On Network, an international network of advocates and positive aging thought leaders. It is an accredited member of the United Nations Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing. Phyllis has had several articles published in national trade magazines and has authored 3 books. You can find her most recent book: Dignity & Respect Are Our Aging Parents Getting What They Deserve? on Amazon. She’s published two courses: Resilience Toolbox Secrets: How to Overcome Stress, Burnout and Overwhelm and Caregiving Guide for Caregivers – The Basics and is about to film a promo for a TV show.



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