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RW19-24 Healing the Back and other Wounds with Heather

Recovering the whole of you with Dr kiti Adderley and her guest Dr. Heather Cascio Flexer, DPT, CWS, on air from June 11th

In 2003, A patient fell on me injuring my back. That was 3 years into my career as a Physical Therapist. I was devastated but bounced back fairly quickly, however never approached working with people the same way again. JOIN KITI AND HEATHER HERE TO LEARN ABOUT HEALING WOUNDS AND BACK


I spent the next several years pursuing a passion for wound care, but out of direct patient care. At one point that old back injury came back with a vengeance. Barely able to feel my left leg for a majority of 2013, I sought help in the normal medical channels. Ortho wanted to cut pieces of my body out and fuse a large portion of my spine. Hysterical crying, I left his office determined never to wind up in his care. I tried injections. The first one helped but was agony. The second one made me worse. I didn’t show up for a third. Thank God for my training as a Physical Therapist and my willingness to work hard and try alternative therapies. I spend lots of time in the pool, gym, sauna and found I like acupuncture quite a bit. I made it into my choice Neurosurgeon’s office a year later, he sent me in for another MRI and discovered the disc had receded. The residual pain and numbness would fade over time. Head first I dove into living a healthier lifestyle absorbing all I could about nutritional options to benefit my recovery. Continually getting stronger little by little, determined to avoid surgery as long as possible. Better Wellness PT was born of that struggle. Helping myself recover to be the wife, mother and woman I know I am capable of; my main goal is to help other active individuals currently suffering and discouraged. Using my education, tools and resources, I hope to help people avoid surgery, injections and pain. I want you to make it through stronger to the other side of your injury to live a healthy productive life. One that you envisioned for yourself. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, you have the ability to seek my care and attention without the referral of an MD. I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your path to recovery! heatherflexer_betterwellnesspt MORE ON YOUR HOST HERE MORE OF RECOVERING YOUR WHOLE HEALTH SHOWS HERE


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