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LM20-25 Sharon Carne and the Sounds of Wellness

“for the LOVE of Music with Sara Troy and her guests Sharon Carne, on-air from June 16th

Sharon’s passion is to help you remember that sound was our human family’s first language. To help you remember how deeply every particle of your being is wired to respond to sound. And how sound can support your wellbeing in profound ways life – to reduce stress, help you concentrate, energize you, inspire you, support your health, and so much more.

How do we breathe inspired, creative, purpose, passion, and wellbeing into our lives?  The first tender step is to breathe calm into your heart. From this calm place, you reconnect with the power of your heart and the deep peace that resides there. Every particle of your being is wired to respond to sound and music. This natural wiring, once you get to know it, is a spectacular guide. Let’s journey together into calm and deep peace. It’s time to let your soul sing!


1. Sound is humanity’s first language

2. The human being is deeply and intimately wired to respond to sound. (This flows naturally from #1)

Sound goes through you

Music changes your heartbeat, breathing and brainwaves

Sound is food for your nervous system – junk, good and super sound

There is a neural-cocktail of hormones released from your nervous system in response to music or sound.

Your body communicates with all of its parts with sound.

3. How Sound Heals

4. Three Elements of Sound Wellness

1. Recorded music – how and why it works

2. How Sound Tools support healing

3. How your voice supports healing

5. Sound as a catalyst for evolutionary growth

The human family evolved with sound as one of our most ancient healers and as an extraordinary community builder. Sound is also one of our greatest catalysts for the expansion of consciousness. For millennia, the sound has been used to shift our state of consciousness, connect with the world around us, and fill our being the presence of our own soul. We need this now more than ever! We are evolving at a rate never seen before.

Sharon Carne, BMus, M.F.A., Director of Training and Development for the Sound Wellness Institute, is an author, international speaker, trainer, publisher, musician, and recording artist. Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness, the Sound Wellness Institute, and more recently, co-founder of the Emergent Workforce Program, the most recent expansion of offerings through the Sound Wellness Institute. Through the Sound Wellness Institute, holistic health practitioners receive the highest level of competency training in Canada in using sound and music to support their practice. The Emergent Workforce program is dedicated to restoring wellbeing, community, purpose, creative collaboration, and kindness to the workforce while supporting the financial goals of the organization.

Sharon’s story

Sharon has been a musician all her life. When she was 16, she fell in love with the classical guitar and its music. That led to earning two university degrees in music. In 1988, she was asked to join the faculty of the Conservatory at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. There, she built a successful studio of students from 3 years old to university level to the young at heart.

When Sharon was in her 30s, she found out from her mother about a near death experience she had when she was only 10 months old. It created a life long interest in the spiritual and mystical. It led to all kinds of courses in energy healing, holistic healing, shamanism training and more.

Sharon’s interest in sound healing and sound therapy was sparked by some innocent experiments in stage fright with some nervous adult students. This eventually led her to sound healing and sound therapy training with pioneers like Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon. As soon as Sharon landed there, she knew she had come home to soul work.

Little did Sharon know that there was a major shift in the direction of her work in store for her. Not long after returning from her training with Tom Kenyon, Sharon was asked to create a program as one of the facilitators in a study on stress sponsored by the Integrative Health Institute, at Mount Royal University.

At the conclusion of the study, people in her group were so excited about what they had learned, they asked how they could learn more. A month after her participation in the study, Sharon created Sound Wellness to fulfill that need, bringing this valuable information to a larger audience.

In the 12 years since Sharon created Sound Wellness it has evolved into the Sound Wellness Institute, serving holistic practitioners with the first competency level certification training for a sound healing modality in Canada. Sound Wellness practitioner training has been approved by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association, another first for a sound modality in Canada. The most recent expansion of the Sound Wellness Institute is the creation of the Emergent Workforce program, a corporate wellness program.


This is an hour of a gently bubbling creek with woodland birds. Use it for relaxation or playing softly in the background when you need to get a lot done.

Reset was created in 2009 as Sharon’s response to the fear created by the H1N1 Flu virus scare. It contains some of the most healing sounds possible all in a 12 and a half minute track.

3. Tibetan Bowls and Tuning Forks:

Listen to the sounds of two different ancient Tibetan singing bowls. The sound of the Perfect fifth tuning forks stimulates an essential natural cycle in your cells for health and wellbeing: the nitric oxide cycle.

The Sound Wellness YouTube Channel:

The Sound Wellness Facebook page:

Join Sharon for the live broadcast of Sound Wellness Chakra Toning every Sunday evening on the Sound Wellness Facebook page.

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