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“Intuition Mastery” Dr Toni L Rivera

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Dr Toni Rivera

Intuition Mastery is the study of this bridge and how to notice the signals and messages from our soul. These messages are constantly being sent to and received by our body/mind. These messages are waiting to be perceived by the intellectual mind. We can learn to tune into this innate intelligence of the intuitive heart.

Intuition Mastery is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing workshop environment that allows each participant to enhance and develop their natural intuitive ability. Each workshop provides specific content for skill building and application.

The Propelled Heart:    Moving from Injury to Insight


Part I: Injury to Impasse, is a memoir about the journey from injury to success as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Rubenfeld Synergist.

Part II: Impasse to Insight, shares topics that the author feels are vital to personal healing on all levels of Being. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of being human are intertwined and interacting constantly in our daily lives.

The Wisdom to Heal is Within You

by Toni Luisa Rivera, DC, CRS

There is a wisdom within each of us. This intelligence creates our entire body from the joining of two cells. It is that intelligence that heals our body, no matter what mode of treatment we might choose. This wisdom is attempting to communicate with us all the time. Our body speaks to us through the language of sensation. Our emotions and thoughts inform us of all that is significant for our learning and growth in life. Our intuition serves as the bridge between the all knowing soul and the ego.  This wisdom within longs to be heard!

When there is a recurring physical symptom or sensation, our body is speaking to us. The way it feels to us is the clue to the message. Some people are visual and may see color, or an image or a shape. Others may hear words or have a memory or be reminded of something or someone.

                                                                                These clues are important for they reveal the messages from the body. The messages that can guide our decisions and direction in life. If we listen, we can adapt and increase choice in our lives. If we don’t listen, the sensations may grow in strength until we have a constant worsening symptom or disease.

We begin the relationship with calming the mind and either sitting or lying in a quiet and comfortable position. Breathing into the area of sensation and allowing the messages to emerge. Then acknowledging the area by simply stating: “I know you are (blank) right now.”

Many times some inner knowing will emerge in the moment. Thanking the place for sharing and then asking, “Do you have a message for me?” may be the next step in the conversation that opens the door to understanding and insight.

Habitual emotions and thoughts can be utilized for greater understanding and knowing of ourselves and our lives. The lessons there are to be learned as we progress on our spiritual path. Sometimes strong emotions accent the need to explore something or let us know when something is very important for us to consider. These insights guide us as we grow and learn in life. Without them, we get stuck in recurring situations and feel trapped. Insight brings choice and the incentive and power to redirect our lives.

We are here in this life to learn and grow. Open your heart and mind to a relationship with yourself! Not to indulge every whim, but to nurture and cultivate true growth and a freedom of choice to live a full and rewarding life. YOU HAVE THE CAPACITY TO HEAL YOUR BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS AND YOUR LIFE.



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Interviewed by Sara-Troy

Tune in here for her full in-depth interview with Sara Troy 



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