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GV20-10 Jen Satterly on Veterans/Soldiers and wives and families.

Our Global Veterans with Sara Troy and her guest Jen Satterly, on air from February 25th

I’m Jen, the Co-Founder/CEO of All Secure Foundation that I started with my husband Tom Satterly (retired Delta Force CSM) to help others who are going through what we’re going through manage and heal from PTSD.

I started up Virago for women who love a warrior, domestic and deployed, as a means of supporting one another because everyone needs a tribe that just “gets it” without explanation. Wives, girlfriends, finances, parents, sisters, friends… ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!

So, In a snapshot: – I’m married to an exceptional man. – I have two kids that overfill my heart. – I worked for 3+ year embedding with Special Operations, Navy Seals, Green Berets, and Army Rangers filming large scale stateside mission training and loved every bit of it. Well, mostly all of it. – I love to travel. I love dancing and singing but I don’t do either well. I love to cook when I feel like it and love eating out at local spots when I don’t. – I’m an empath, a creative, a Libra, an ENFP, and a self-help content junkie (looking at you Brené Brown).



Jen Satterly owned an advertising and film/photography studio in St. Louis, creating international award-winning work for over 10 years. Jen has a passion for service and donated her time working with several nonprofits including Pujols Family Foundation where she served as a documentarian in the Dominican Republic on a medical relief mission in some of the poorest communities in the country.

After years working in the commercial sector in film and photography, Jen helped to form an elite Special Operations military contracting company as Director of Film and Photography. For over 3 years Jen embedded with and filmed Navy Seals, Green Berets, and Army Rangers on large scale Realistic Military Exercises across the United States and in non-hostile overseas locations. RMTs mimic combat as closely as possible and span days to several weeks.

Although Jen had been working the last few years to help her husband, Command Sgt. Major (Ret.) Tom Satterly, heal from PTS after 20 years in combat with Delta Force, she began to see the same issues he quietly faced destroying Special Operations warriors and their families.

With more than 22 suicides by active duty service members and veterans, she was unable to look the other way and knew that her new mission in life was to help warriors and their loved ones heal at home.

Jen became certified in health coaching to better understand how stress damages the body and how to heal from it. She immediately began to donate her time to hundreds of Special Operations veterans and their spouses to regain their health and combat the effects of PTS.

In August 2017, Jen and Tom, co-founded All Secure Foundation to serve Special Operations warriors and their families to heal from the invisible wounds of war with resources, treatment and facility recommendations, together with a marriage and trauma therapist, they host Special Operations Warrior Couple Workshop Retreats for active duty units and Special Operations combat veterans across the country.

Jen and Tom also speak out to help create awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic and what we all can do to help combat it. They have spoken at a Congressional Briefing, Senate VA Hearings, military bases, veteran support groups and corporations.

Jen serves as All Secure Foundation’s Co-CEO, is currently writing a book, Virago, and in her downtime she enjoys traveling with Tom and her two children.



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