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CP20-14 Emergence of The Total Woman with Lynnis and Dr Shelly.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Lynnis Woods Mullins and Dr Shelly Negelow, on air from April 4th

Are you living a life you LOVE?

Are you pursuing what you’re passionate about and getting the results you expect?

Are you ready to create a blueprint that will lead you to the life you REALLY want?

Are you ready to emerge as a total woman?

What does it mean to emerge as a total woman?

  1. You realize you’re beautiful as you are

  2. You have a sense of peace

  3. You feel well in mind, body and spirit

  4. You are clear on your purpose

  5. You can manifest what you want with ease

  6. You experience full self-acceptance and self-love

  7. You are ready to move forward and EMERGE



Dr. Shelley Negelow is an advocate for women! She is the Founder of Power of Woman Seminars. For over 30 years she has been training women to create a life they love. In her private practice, she mentors women in their personal and professional growth. She is an Author, Speaker and Business Relationship Consultant. Her book is entitled,” The Master In The Mirror: A Woman’s Guide to Living a Passionate and Joyful Life.”

Working with Dr. Shelley women learn to turn the fire back on in their lives and discover how to use their innate power, passion and creativity to produce real-life extraordinary results. She says, “Living a life you love is your birthright!”

Both Shelly and her husband Dr Tom Negerow do relationship master seminars where connecting our relationships can thrive.

She and her husband Tom live in Atlanta, Georgia, have 2 married children and 4 grandchildren.

Lynnis Woods Mullins is an advocate for women’s wellness especially in mid to later years. She is a podcaster (having 90 shows with us here under Mentors) she is a wellness woman and runs a magazine and has her own V.I.B.E. podcast where she shares her perspective in wellness and life. so much more.

Emergence of The Total Woman


Emergence Encounter E-Learning Classes

This program is ongoing

This program starts in June Both of these programs are for women who need a jumpstart to start living a life they truly want. Our philosophy involves the necessity of wellness for the mind, body, and spirit while also learning how to remove blocks and other negative behavior that keeps Women from moving forward.


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