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CP19-24 Becoming Alexis a Transgender Journey

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest ALEXIS GAIL ELLIS:  Inspirational Speaker and Author, on air from June 11th.

Alexis is an Inspirational Speaker and contributing author to the Sacred Hearts Anthology Series.  A hard worker, who is always willing to help others, Alexis has embarked on her speaking career to help her community and to lead by example.

“I have a unique lifestyle since I have a double whammy. I was born with cerebral palsy and gender dysphoria. These are unique to have both. Cerebral palsy has impacted my language and speech. Gender dysphoria impacts my lifestyle as I feel I was born a wrong gender. These will not stop me keep going in my life. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This inspires me to keep it up. I can do anything one step at a time”.





Alexis lived with her true self hidden for most of her life.  Then, at the age of 36, she began her courageous journey through a gender change, re-assignment surgery, and finally being able to live authentically as her real self.   Alexis is on a mission to share her experience as a transgender woman because she believes that it is time for society to fully accept transgender people.  With suicide rates among the transgender community being extremely high, Alexis knows her message is important. Her story is one of courage and walking her talk.  Alexis’ greatest wish is for all people to be free to be their true selves and she hopes that sharing her story will inspire others!

A supporter of Cops For Cancer!

Hi my name is Alexis Ellis, the organizer of this fundraiser “From burger bash to burger drink sound off”

I am a Miss Langley Orthodontist / Miss BC Contestant 2019 I invite you to our Silent Auction Burger Bash to help raise funds for Cops For Cancer! There will be speakers, silent auction items, door prizes, and best of all, food included.

Cops for Cancer is a program launched in partnership between first responders across the country and the Canadian Cancer Society, to support children and families affected by childhood cancer.

For more information please


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