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C20-17 Women Leaders during and beyond covid 19

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Shelley Negelow, on-air from April 21st

In these unprecedented times, we see the world step up in support of each other. Are we seeing more of a woman’s touch, Mama’s touch, are we seeing more of the feminine touch coming from the men out there?

Are women getting the credit they deserve and can we find the leader within us in these times?

  1. Women comprise the majority of frontline healthcare workers globally, meaning that female representation is vital in tackling the coronavirus crisis.

  2. 70% of the world’s healthcare staff is made up of women, but only 25% of global leaders are female.

  3. Without women in these positions, women’s issues could fail to be addressed throughout the crisis.

  4. Women are high on the decision-making lists, are we listening to them?

Women world leaders guiding their countries successfully through the virus.

Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland have had one of the more successful responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

All of these countries managed to flatten the curve, thanks to proactive decision-making. They were also better prepared in terms of medical gear and protective equipment for healthcare staff and the general public.

Canada we are proud of the women who have stepped up to guide us through this crisis.

Dr. Shelley Negelow is an advocate for women!  She is the Founder of the Power of Woman Seminars.  For over 30 years she has been training women to create a life they love.  In her private practice, she mentors women in their personal and professional growth.  Along with her husband, Dr. Tom Negelow, she developed and teaches The Relationship Mastery Seminar, which gives couples and individuals a powerful foundation for creating successful partnerships

In a recent collaboration, Dr. Shelley and her partner and friend,  Lynnis Woods-Mullins, have created a powerful new program for women entitled, Emergence of the Total Woman – Emergence Encounters Master Classes to Elevate Your Life.  Go to for more information and to register.  

Dr. Shelley is also an Author, Speaker, and Business Relationship Consultant.  Her book is entitled,” The Master In The Mirror:  A Woman’s Guide to Living a Passionate and Joyful Life.”

Working with Dr. Shelley women learn to turn the fire back on in their lives and discover how to use their innate power, passion and creativity to produce real-life extraordinary results.  She says, “Living a life you love is your birthright!”

She and her husband Tom live in Atlanta, Georgia, have 2 married children and 4 grandchildren.


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