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C19-07 Self Discovery Media’s Hosts share their Wisdom

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her hosts, Lynnis Woods Mullins, Charles Eduardos, Dianne Shaver, Kiti Adderley. 

I am delighted to share this show with you featuring my current hosts who are sharing their wisdom. Each one has made an exemplar aire journey in life, learning skills and tools to better their own lives and those whom they serve.




Lynnis Woods Mullins is our Wellness Journey host. Each week she brings us those that have also made their journey in wellness and now share their knowledge on how we can maintain a well balanced health style. Lynnis who is a wellness coach, has been with us a few years now and also has a Wellness Woman over 40 E.Magazine, and a Self Explosion current tour going on and a new book. 

Charles Eduardos, from The World According to G.U.S (God Universe Spirit) brings us a whole perspective on faith spirituality and religion. He is a Reverend of 40 years and a Victorious Living System Coach, help those in need of redirecting their lives to living a more Victorious life. His show is every other week.

Dianne Shaver is our business and entrepreneur host and coach. Will over 30 years as a entrepreneur mind world coach and worldly woman, she shares those that are changing they way we conduct business and in how we see life, opportunities and each other. Her show is every other week.

Kiti Adderley is our newest host, and as a Whole Health recovery expert, she guides on the right path in healing the Whole of ourselves. With the experts and those who have already find their way back to health, she shows us in how we can embrace the person we are in wholeness after an illness, and in how to avoid getting ill too.


Sara Troy, host, owner of Self Discovery Media Network (formally known as Self Discovery Radio) has been interviewing for almost 7 years now, and in her own Self Discovery, she decided to expand out with her own network (6 years ago in June 2019) wanting to bring even more opportunity for the knowledge learnt by others journeys to benefit some on their own path of self discovery.

Now with collectively over 2300 shows, a collective Ebook, with another collective book coming this year, a Business Discovery Directory in the works, and a pay it forward organization Self Discovery Community, she is branching out even more in reaching those who need the guidance from our wonderful host and their guests.

We are a audio/video/blog network that truly cares about making a difference in the lives of others.



Self Discovery Host_Owner Sara Troy Sara's View of Life

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