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C18-23. Mastering Your Intuition with Di Challenor

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Di Challenor, on air from June 5th

I teach clients how to trust their intuition and inner guidance to gain confidence and clarity to move forward to be on purpose with grace and ease.

What you don’t know about me, is about 20 years ago I watched on the sidelines, as my family suffered pain from various illnesses, (some terminal).

What I have discovered is: 

That was their journey, not mine…

I decided that I did not want to experience seeing others’ pain like that in my life again. I wanted to help others to reduce & alleviate their daily stresses, their suffering and to empower them to keep well, healthy and happy.

Since then, I have been on a mission to find ways to help people learn how to maintain more balance in their body, mind & spirit using quick, easy and lasting alternative therapies. (No catharsis or re-living the trauma required!)

About 4 years ago, I was stressed working full time (while also building my practice) and I decided to follow my heart and leave my job. Since then, I have become a qualified therapist in a range of holistic, alternative therapies that I enjoy, especially when I see client’s personal shifts taking place.  I knew in my heart, that offering alternative therapies is my way to help others by providing them with easy options to get out of feeling their pain & stress, transforming confusion into a clarity of purpose and decision making, and/or reducing feelings of being overwhelmed.

Over the last 2 years, I have been working with clients showing them how to reduce, manage and alleviate daily stresses and get more life balance by using inner tools that they may have never known they had or have forgotten to use them.






Personally, I have been practising what I’m recommending to others, I have been following my heart, as I am now working as an Intuitive Coach using a Holistic approach to release daily stresses and pain.  I empower clients to apply practical advice, knowledge and skills to reduce their stress & pain to gain feelings of calm, in order to have clarity and confidence to step into your purpose to create the life of their heart’s desires


Di Challenor, your host for Connecting to Your Intuition Masterclass where experts share powerful strategies to

  1. Reduce daily stresses in your life

  2. Clear confusion in decision making

  3. Dissolve self-doubt, anxiety, confusion, depression, hopelessness, uncertainty

  4. Help to find your purpose and be on purpose

  5. Empowering you from a heart centred space to use the inner gifts you have but may have forgotten to use


Di’s results speak for themselves in the client testimonials shown below:

“After an amazing session with Di, I was able to feel so much more spiritual and feel completely relaxed and excited about the future.  Di was able to get to my bottom belief that was stopping me from progressing and she was able to release it. Her intuition was also spot on and her spiritual messages to me were very inspiring.  I totally recommend Di and what she offers for anyone who is ready and willing to give their life a complete makeover. Thanks, Di for helping me to move forward with so much grace, ease and no fear !!” Anna, HR Manager, June 2012

“Thanks so much for another amaaazing healing session.  When I called you, I was in such crippling back pain that I could barely move. I am happy to say, that after your massage and theta treatment I could move much more easily, and the next day my back pain was completely gone; along with the fears that had brought it on.  The combination of treatments instantly worked wonders; I appreciate you seeing me so quickly when I really needed it, but even more so, can’t thank you enough for the instant relief! Thank,s Di.”  Tina, Interior Designer, Oct 2013

“I have been to see Di on many occasions (since 2011, previously, weekly at National Australia Bank, as a Corporate Massage client) and continue to thoroughly enjoy her massage services. Typically, I attend for the purpose of a relaxation massage, however, I have also experienced her Raindrop technique massages using many essential oils, Reiki healing and even a complimentary birthday fingertip facial.  Di is great to talk to and is very knowledgeable about her treatments.  I highly recommend any of these.” Peter, IT Professional, July 2014

Benefits of working with Di Challenor, she will:

1. Help you learn how to connect to your inner voice to have confidence and clarity

2. Offer session packages that allow you to feel safe and supported

3. Empower you to get clearer on your direction while following your heart’s desires! Basically, getting you out of your head & into your heart, with grace and ease!

Di Challenor’s Core Benefits:

To show people how to reach their heart’s desires, while reducing everyday stresses, confusion and pain

“What I’m really about is to teach you how to Connect to your intuition to access your inner voice to step confidently and with clarity into your purpose and to manifest a truly fulfilling and balanced life doing all the things you love – by following your heart every day!”

And so it is….

Di Challenor

Holistic Intuitive Coach


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