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C 18-10 Focus!: Drop the Law of Attraction. Slay Your Goals with David Essel.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest David Essel, on air from March 6th

False: “We become what we think about all day long.” Buddha 

Truth: “We become what we do all day long.” David Essel 

“I remember the first time I had David Essel on my SiriusXM show. I love the power of positive thinking, so I was very curious as to what this guy was going to talk about when he was my guest with his book “Positive thinking will never change your life… But this book will! The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success.” Was I sceptical? Well, let’s just say intrigued. So he comes onto the show and I decided to give him a few minutes to explain why he believes that positive thinking is a myth. Four minutes later? I was absolutely sold. I actually stopped the show for a second, turned to my listeners, and said “you’ve got to listen to what this man is saying he’s the real deal. He knows what he’s talking about.” And it’s true. Why is he a regular returning guest to my show? Because David has the experience, knowledge, and believe it or not, such a positive attitude and his energy is infectious. With his new book, “Focus! The PROVEN guide to huge success, a great attitude and profound love.”, I find the same infectious attitude, powerful information, that will help you get back on track to accomplish everything you could want in life. With “Focus”, David goes deeply into the concept of profound love. He discusses something he created years ago that we’ve discussed several times on my show “the love scale, 1 to 10″. I’m excited to endorse his new book, just as excited as I was to endorse his last one, and which I said and still believe to this day ” David Essel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement.” May your life be enriched in attitude, success and love through this book.” Love, Jenny McCarthy Radio host, actress, best-selling author.




“I have come to realize that we get out of life what we focus our thoughts on, and just as importantly, what we focus our actions on, on a daily basis. Over the years many people have put the emphasis for our success on the power of thought, from books to DVDs and movies. So what we see today in regards to goal achievement and goal setting is about focusing our thoughts. While this is incredibly important, what you are going to find out in this book, and what I think separates this book from so many other products on personal growth and motivation, is that we are going to look not just at what our mind is doing, but what our actions are doing, or not doing, on a daily basis as well.” David Essel.



David is offering a free 20-minute consultation to those who listen to the show.

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