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C 17- 21b Be More. Be EPIC. BeLucent with Luke Vincent

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Luke Vincent, on air from May 23rd

We are here for the future heroes, the challengers, the ones with an idea in their head, fire in their belly and a will to succeed. We are here for the creators, the true believers, the ones that have the courage to take that step forward. We are here to help the entrepreneur in you make an impact.

We have developed the E.P.I.C. methodology to help businesses identify their purpose and bring it to life across the organisation.

Purpose builds trust. So you can attract more loyal customers.

Purpose unlocks motivation. So you can attract and inspire the best talent.

Purpose changes how you think so you can unlock new sources of growth.

A business built on purpose will be your greatest legacy.

Be More. Be EPIC. BeLucent.



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I have spent nearly 20 years helping businesses create powerful ideas that drive results

I started my career at P&G, the company that invented brand management and before setting up BeLucent was a Director of Strategy at Landor, one of the world’s biggest and most respected brands consultancies.

I’ve helped companies of all sizes, from the likes of P&G, EY, Tetley, Lacoste, to businesses just starting out. Although some people love the glamour of the household names, I have always been most excited by working with startups and new ventures which led me to mentor several startups at the London Business School incubator, The Deloitte Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In this economy who you are as a business is more important than what you have. Who you are, affects how people feel about you and how they behave towards you. The businesses with a clear purpose driven identity will be the ones that will thrive in the future. They will also be the ones that will improve society for all of us.

I started BeLucent to help entrepreneurs who want to make a difference turn their purpose into a scalable asset that will fuel the growth and impact of their business.

I secretly believe purpose led brands can change the world.

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