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C 17-19b The Art of Making a Living and Show Business with Lisa Dalton

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Lisa Dalton, on air from May 9th


Lisa Loving Dalton has been in the entertainment industry since the mid-1970’s, with a passion for sharing what she learns along the way, across continents, via Conferences, books, films and interviews.

Today she shares what it takes to live long and make a living in the acting world.



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Her tips for those with the passion include:

       .The truth about talent

  1. Top things the successful ones do

  2. Top things that topple even the best

  3. Define your values

  4. Accept and appreciate your true priorities

  5. Cultivate the whole human being

  6. How to train from eager youth to top professional

  7. Where to invest time and resources

  8. Social media cultivation and caution

  9. How To have stability in the arts

  10. relating to your family

  11. relating to the news media

  12. relating to the fans

  13. staying grounded from on top of the pedestal or beneath it.

  14. Overcoming personal crises

Lisa just headlined at the Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival presenting her world-premiere of Big Bumps, A Stunt Gal’s Voluptuous Rollercoaster Life

For more on Lisa and her shows with us 

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