AK20-50“If A Kid Were President” by Vanessa Mariah

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Venessa Mariah, on air from December 8th

Over the past year, our world has been surrounded by one negative incident after another that has changed all of our lives. I wanted to create this book to reignite imagination and encourage our children to still dream big and keep their eyes on becoming world changers. “If A Kid Were President” is a great bedtime story but also an amazing conversation starter between you, your child or student to see hope, in a hopeless world.

Writer, creative entrepreneur, game changer, & hope seeker. Vanessa Mariah is a children’s author whose books inspire all ages to think beyond the reality set in front of them. Her creative stories spark imagination and help young readers see a hope for their future. You and your children will enjoy reading her novels, now and to come.

“If A Kid Were President” is her first novel.

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