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20-26 Forever EMBRACING the Changes

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy on air from June 23rd

Life is forever changing and we need to go with the flow of changes in order to grow. We can not avoid change, it is inevitable, but in how those changes service us can be of our choice.

Fear kills creativity and progress, so stepping out of fear into wonderment and exploration is key to knowing when and where to make those changes.

The world is going through some massive changes right now, and in my mind for the better. We have to let go of the old expectations, thew dictation of supossed life styles as we can see they do not work. Life is for the living and those willing to go with the flow and climb that mountain to discover what it on the othjer side.

Technology, society, humanity is all in that redirection right now, and we can be a part of a wonderful new way of living if we choose to be. Do not look to what it is taking from you but instead what it is enabling you to do.

Once you allow the changes to revieal, you can then decide to take a new path to something that will serve you better and in turn serve society as a whole. For when you love what you do, who you are that is when the love flows abundantly on to everyone else.


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