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19-44 Working Seniors with Sara Troy

If we are lucky we all get older, but are we prepared for it?

Pensions are simply not enough, the cost of living has multiplied, and just surviving is hard enough, this is why so many seniors are still having to work for a living.

So many wonderful souls have made their self-discovery and have found a meaningful purpose later if life, and the work they do is a gift to those who are ready to hear and apply the wisdom. I have had the honour of sharing them with you here on Self Discovery Media.

They are making such a profound difference in the lives of others because of their incredible life journey. We learn so much from them and in this newfound joy of living, they have found so much love of life in what they do in helping others.

There is a but though, what about those who have to work because their pensions are not enough? They worked paid into their pension and now it simply is not enough to live on in today’s world. I have a friend who is 86 years old and still having to work to keep her home. It is not right and she is not alone.

So are you prepared for your old age? Have you ever thought about it? do you know what you can do to have enough when you retire? is there a way now you can earn more income?

Time to ask the questions but also time to be there for our seniors who have got caught in this extreme rise is the cost of living, we DON’T need now more homelessness, no more loneliness and no more disposing of the elderly because society can’t be bothered.




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