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19-31 Preparation meets Knowingness Ignites Success

Sara Troy on Sara’s View fo Life on air July 30th

We have a dream, a vision of what can be, whom it can have an impact on, how far we think it can reach, but have we prepared for the success of even the failure of it?

An idea is great, but how to implement it so it can grow and exceed our expectations is in the preparations. So make sure that foundation is deeply rooted, and that the structure is strong, and that it can cope with expansion and weather any storms.

I am a visualizer, I see the finished product and whom it can serve, but I have not always had the patients to plan or prepare for the building of it, leaving that up to others who were more skilled than me. But, now I am wearing all the hats and that means I must step into all the roles and make sure that I have everything in order so that I can reach those stars.



So with the tools of preparation in your kit, roots firmly rooted, foundation strong and sturdy, and the structure for the building in view and prepared for expansion, you can reach for those stars and step into your KNOWINGNESS (Knowing what you need to know when you need to know it) because you are prepared to jump, leap, or walk when you need to without fear of everything collapsing around you.

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