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19-16 Got something special coming to Self Discovery

Sara’s View of Life with  Sara Troy, on-air from April 16th 

I have something to share……….but not yet

Over the years I have invested and support collaborated and aligned with people in openness and in the belief that we can do wonderful things together.

I am always open to trying new things, new ways of exploring options, new possibilities, but my alignments have not always been conducive. I have invested time and money in people, ventures and to date, I have not found a cohesive balance from it all.

Could it be this time I have found that person who will align, collaborate and in unison with a shared vision for the future actually make it happen? I am in the belief that it is so.

I never one to shy away from the work, doing my part, introducing people to people who could possibly be a good mix, it has backfired on me where they go off together and leave me behind, NOT THIS TIME.

This time the benefits are too positive for all involved no matter what happens personally for me, this benefits all my wonderful peeps (listeners and guests) here on Self Discovery Media and the Self Discovery Community organization for anyone to lose.

The wonderful thing is that it is totally FREE, which means I can share this with my Directory and media guests which will benefit them considerably.

More to come soon there will be an announcement in this collaboration so stay tuned.




2chane mnd

Here it is

Self Discovery Media network and Self Discovery Media Network and Self Discovery Community ORG, bring you the people who are making a difference in the lives of others through their story and their services. Self Discovery has aligned with WorkApp, to give a global opportunity to find those enlightening and liberating services to a global audience. Self Discovery has aligned with WorkApp digital yellow pages and every directory participant with be featured on here and have the opportunity to be profiled on Self Discovery with their own story and business services. Check out membership here and see how you can become a guest and share your services in an invitational way. https://selfdiscoverymedia.combusiness-discovery-directory-membership

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