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17-19 Meeting My Vancouver Radio Guests

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from May 9th 

From left to right back row right to left

Ingrid Ericson. Nina Thiria. Christina Wachkco. Kim Louise Eastbrook. Phiya. Nicholas Man. Marilynn Wilson. Colleen Wynia. Me Sara Troy.

Talents. Ingrid Allergies. Nina Divorce coach.Christina mini movies. Kim Numerologist. Phiya, Matchmaker. Nick TV producer. Colleen wellness coach. Me radio host. 

We had a gathering of our radio guests, some I had never met in person before and it was so so wonderful to meet them. Everyone is doing something different, but all driven by the same core, the passion and conviction to help humanity.


John Hood and Rowena List.                                          Daryl Stephenson Ingrid Ericson 

The Wilds

Hosted by “Humble Roots Deli”  Tyler Towe and Rebecca Demarche my

number one supporters and sponsors of Sara’s View of Life shows.


I had the honour of meeting some of my UK radio guests back in March and loved the connection made. With the Self Discovery Ebook Series, you will get to know them even more and that will also lead to a speaking event with the authors and a mini movie.

We will be doing another event in the summer with our Vancouver guests where the public can come out and meet them too.

Thank you to all who have shared their passion with us and I look forward to more stories in the future with you all.


More on who all joined me

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