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16/14. Now my 5th Year of Hosting My Calling

              Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy aired April 5th-11th


April 4th I am entering my 5th year as a radio-blog host and what a wonderful journey it has been.

With something like 550 shows under my belt and being inspired weekly but the incredible things people are doing to enhance our lives, I am totally at home with my purpose. When I started my journey April 4th 2012 I never knew where this would take me. Now with my own station for nearly 3 years and over 1400 collective inspirational shows from around the globe, we are just getting in our groove.

I love celebrating people’s journey’s, I love hearing the stories of overcoming challenges, learning what would become tools, skills, and inspirations for others to learn from. When people have been faced with the biggest horrors in life, and yet have chosen to rise above, to become a beacon of hope for others, in becoming life in the divine light that shines all around us.



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This is why I do what I do, the inspiration, the joy of living, the divine tools to live by, the comradeship of those who embrace struggles and the lessons life gives us. The pride in ones work one’s path taken the accomplishments of life’s embrace and SELF DISCOVERY.

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