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16/02 Its ok to be down as long as you get up again.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy aired January 12/16 

When we see what we have overcome in life we discover just how strong we truly are. 

There is no one alive that has not had obstacles to climb, challenges to face, a  discovery of Self, but that is what our life’s journey is all about, riding the waves in the ocean of life.

These are our lessons, life is our tutor, the experience is our badge of honor, for that life experience is wisdom that can only be learned through living a full life and looking to our future.

So it is ok to have a bad day, it is ok to be sad or get mad, it is ok to feel pain for without how would you know joy again?

It is ok to be down as long as you know roots belong in the ground but your wings in the air for you need to fly and feel life’s love in your hair.

So embrace your rocky road, embrace your highs and lows, live in your NOW for it is the gift of your present, it is an adventure divine and can be so sublime and that means everything in our lifes time.



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