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15/50 Good bye 2015 and Thank You

Saras View of Life with Sara Troy airs from December 15th on. 

2015 had a rocky start  for me, my Mama was dieing and I could not go home to see her, she passed February 14th when the Angels that I ask my Facebook community to send came to her taking her peacefully  home.

Mama Joanna and I in 1990

With the loss in my heart, my dearest friend, cheer leader, advocate and best friend Jan Berney invited me to Mexico with her as her guest. WOW to give a gift like this is mind blowing a whole 2 weeks in Puerto Vallarta in a friend apartment on the 9th floor which opened up to the sea to sky view, it was wonderful so much needed and a memory I will keep forever, such gratitude I have for her not only for this but for EVERY thing she has done for me through the years, she is my personal Angel.


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When I returned from Mexico it was time to make some changes, the stations name had to change to reflect what it really stands for, some other issues had to be defined and my life had to find some much needed equilibrium. So the station went from PLV Radio to Self Discovery Radio and it opened us up so much more to the public.


It has been a year of recursiveness a journey in a self discovery of me and what I stand for. This station means everything to me, I am so proud of what I am doing here and what this station stands for, freedom to be, embracement of one’s gifts, celebration of meaningful purpose,  and spot lighting those incredible people making a difference in our world, healing it, liberating it and inviting others to do the same.

Now with the Magazine collaboration in play and so  much more to come in 2016, I walk my path in truth passion conviction and love for I am where I am meant to be doing what I was designed to do. My lifes work is here. wellness-woman-40-and-beyond-magazine

So thank you 2015 for what you have taught me, I know that 2016 has such wonders awaiting for me and I know that I will walk them with pride, conviction and divine passion, for it is my journey in life to do so.

All new show will resume January 5th 2016. Enjoy some oldies in the meantime.

MORE ON SARA saras-view-on-life


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