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14/13 Why Do I Feel So “STUCK?”

ORIGINALLY aired March 31st 2014 on Intuitive Beliefs with Susan Turnbull.    

There is a massive shift happening right now in our world. People worldwide are “waking up” in unprecedented numbers. So, what does that mean to “wake up” and what does this have to do with feeling like you have your feet planted in two worlds and can’t move in either direction? In other words, feeling “stuck.”

The things that used to work in your life so seamlessly are now not working. More chaos and turmoil seems to appear in all areas of your life, work, relationships, just day to day living seems to make you feel as if your feet are in thick mud and the faster and harder you try, the more behind you feel. Time feels as if it has sped up (and it has) and nothing that used to work in your life seems to feel as if you are standing in the middle of the room turning in circles.


This show continues on with understanding the information from last week. “The 10 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Awakening” will give you a lot of insight to the information on this week’s show. These signs explain a lot of why you feel so stuck. I will give you information on how to begin moving through the energetic wall you feel in your life.

Join Susan Turnbull on another edition of “Breakthrough!” this week as she explains this shift, why you feel the way you do and how to begin clearing a path for a life that is easier and more joyous.


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