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14/14 Love, Relationships and YOU!

Airing APRIL 7TH 9TH 11TH at 1 p.m. on Intuitive Beliefs with Susan Turnbull.

February was connected with being the month of LOVE. If, love is still elusive, if love is still a struggle for you in ALL of your relationships, it’s time to uncover the reason why and it isn’t what you think it is!

When Valentine’s Day was here (in the U.S. is a day for lovers) was it all that you thought it would be? Were your expectations set high? Did you come crashing down to earth when your expectations of what that day would be turned out to be a total and complete bust?

The most important relationship you will EVER have is the relationship you have to yourself. From this place ALL other relationships are born and they will absolutely embody the energy of your self-love or lack of it.

The love you seek out in the world cannot be greater than the love you have for yourself.

Is there constant chaos in your relationships? All of your relationships? Not just your spouse or partner, but with your parents? Your siblings? Your children? Your Co-workers?

Every one of your relationships will reflect back to you as a mirror of who you are and what it is your beliefs have created for you. Listen to this weeks show to find out more on how you can uncover why your relationships are not working and what you can do to begin attracting the love you seek.

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