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14/10 What Does Your Unique Human Design Have To Do With

Aired March 10th-12th-14th at 1 pm on  Intuitive Beleifs with Susan Turnbull.

What Does Your Unique Human Design Have To Do With

“Your Hidden Money Story” ?Part 2

As we continue on from last week’s show in Part 1 on Your Hidden Money Story, (and if you haven’t listened to it – you can  download it now hidden-money-beliefs ) We continue to explore why money issues are NEVER EVER about money!

Why does there never seem to be enough of it? Why is it that we seem to live every day of our lives finding a way to capture it? Why does money always seems so elusive? Just exactly what is it that keeps the flow of money from our grasp, just enough to keep us going but never enough to give us the life we desire? Why is it a struggle for some and not for others? What does your unique Human Design have to do with your ability to attract money?

In my coaching, money or the lack of it is the number one topic of stress with my clients. I have spent years looking at how our beliefs affect us in this area of our lives. now nor will What I have uncovered will amaze and startle most of you, for I have discovered at the core of this issue – it is not it ever, ever about money itself. You will be SHOCKED to discover exactly what might be at the very core of your money issues.

The revelations you will make about the reasons money stays elusive to you just might be the “Breakthrough!” you’ve been looking for to begin your journey of financial freedom.

You will not want to miss this week on “Breakthrough!” as Susan will reveal the reasons why money stays a constant source of pain in our lives and gives you some powerful tools for unblocking the restriction and receiving the flow of money, prosperity and abundance back into your life.

Nothing will change until you learn what you need to know and until you know what the concept of money is trying to teach you, it will remain an elusive dream.

More on Susan and her shows go to /intuitive-beliefs/


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