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14/11 “Are You Going Through A Spiritual Awakening?”

Airing March 17th 19th 21st at 1 pm on Intuitive Beliefs with Susan Turnbull. 

“Are You Going Through A Spiritual Awakening?”

Millions of people today are experiencing a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms with their mind and physical body. Many are making trips to their physicians only to discover there is nothing wrong with them. This only leads to more frustration as these symptoms are very, very real. What are these symptoms?

Your day to day routine seems to be out of sync and you can’t seem to catch up with anything. You feel as if you have one foot rooted somewhere in the past which feels safe to you, but you cannot help but feel the other foot moving in another direction that makes no sense to you what so ever and in between you feel very stuck.

There is a shift happening now unlike any other time in our planets history. Those who have refused to grow are not being given many choices as physical and emotional symptoms increase. Old patterns begin to resurface that you thought you had long cleared.

Join Susan Turnbull this week on Breakthrough! as she talks about the “The 10 Signs You Are Going Through a Spiritual Awakening.” Susan will talk about these physical and emotional symptoms that are appearing for so many people these days, and how to ease this transition as you move into and different way of being.

More on Susan and her shows go to /intuitive-beliefs/


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