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0001 Your Beliefs on Love of self.

Premiering 09-02-2013 and 09-09-2013  1 pm pt. Susan Turnbull – Breakthrough! Your Self-limiting Beliefs! TO HEAR SUSANS SHOW EVERY MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY CLICK ON SHOUT CAST. ENJOY.  Breakthrough! with Susan Turnbull

You have been to all the seminars. You have read all the books. You have listened to all the CD’s and watched all the DVD’s. You have attended countless tele-classes and webinars. You have had a multitude of healing sessions and yet….your deepest challenges still remain. That one pattern that  keeps showing up in your life over and over and over again and you have NO idea what it is going to take to finally move through that challenge once and for all or all of the little challenges and obstacles you continue to face each and every day. It’s that ONE missing piece. You can feel it. You are so close to turning things around, but it never quite happens, in my part 1 of 2 discussion with Lisa Copeland on your Beliefs that block you.


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