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What is Focused Life Force Energy or FLFE?

In 2008 two men met through a mutual friend. They were both working on accessing and utilizing high consciousness fields. Jeffery Stegman was creating high consciousness fields and cultures in business and Clayton Stedmann, as a coach in business as a spiritual path, was creating high consciousness fields for healing the human mind, body and spirit. They came together with an inventor who had devoted his life to creating free energy for humanity. Although he did not create a free energy device, He had discovered a way to re-direct and focus large amounts of life force energy (also known as subtle energy) on an object.

Life-Force Energy is the energy of life itself. It is the energy behind the creative process of life. It is the energy the sages talk about in the story of creation and all things emerging from this energy. The sages explain that it can’t be described completely with words. It is the basic substrate of life itself. In different cultures at different times, it has been called prana, chi, and expressed in the body at times as kundalini energy. It is recognized in the meridian system in Chinese medicine and it can be manipulated through acupuncture and acupressure. It is universal energy. Science has recognized that these energies are everywhere and are present in atomic structures such as protons, neutron, electrons and quarks. Quantum physicists are learning to measure it.

It is the energy that causes the results of an experiment to change based on the conscious and unconscious intent of the observer.

We have multiple machines that focus on subtle energy and act upon written programs. The programs are essentially specific prayers directing blessings, such as raising the consciousness of a location. We write the programs with the caveat that all the results are in the Highest and Best Interest of all of creation. A high consciousness field is created at the home or business or around a moving object. The FLFE field provides a very beneficial environment that is energy-rich for our body and supports those in the field to rise in consciousness. It does not interfere with free will, though a high consciousness loving field trends decision-making towards the positive.

Ability to measure truth. We use multiple methods to measure the truth and to measure the level of consciousness of the field created as well as other effects.

It’s a subscription service to create a high consciousness field on a property or in a 300’ radius bubble around a personal object.

High Consciousness Field

  1. There are places around the world people pilgrimage to. Loving, healing places. These have high consciousness fields similar to the FLFE field.

  2. As we measure it, the level of the FLFE field is 560-575 and higher on the Hawkins Map. The average level of consciousness in homes over the past year in North America is 420 on the Hawkins Map. Each point upwards on the scale has 10x more energy available, 10x times higher vibration. A change upward in the consciousness of property from 420 to 555 is an increase of 140 points. This means the energy available and the vibration has increased 10 to the 140th power. This is a mind-boggling number. It’s why people have even with great difficulty taken pilgrimages to sacred places and why people who experience FLFE are having very positive experiences.

  3. Spending time in such a highly energetic, high consciousness field surrounds you with love and energy. Your body uses it for healing and you can choose to use it for your personal evolution.

  4. It is subtle energy, so there are varying degrees of sensitivity to the energy among people. That is why we like people to try the experience of the FLFE field without cost or obligation and no credit card. It is the “Free FLFE Experience” on the website,   People can easily turn the FLFE field on and off during the trial. We want people to experience it themselves and trust themselves.

For more info please check this link: about-focused-life-force-energy


How does a Free Trial work?

  1. We want people to trust themselves. And so we have given you a way to try it without any cost or obligation, even no credit card.

  2. Just go onto and take the Free FLFE Experience.

  3. There are a few steps to go through and we do need your email address so we can send you the login information to the Control Panel and instructions.

  4. In the Control Panel, you are able to turn FLFE on and off and experiment with the differences. It is not a sound wave so you will not hear any sound.

iii. The Free Experience is 15 days long, then the service will end automatically.

  1. Our office is staffed and ready to answer your questions during the free trial and of course after you subscribe.

Once you’re on FLFE, everywhere you go, you are bringing a high consciousness field with you through your phone or object. And thanks to innovations highlighted in our last email, you understand why even the touchable surface of your phone or object calibrates at 580 LOC or higher.

This also helps explain how EMF frequencies that use to be unsupportive, are harmonized and transformed. And why the phone or object is now life-supportive of biological life.

There are many dimensions of FLFE EVERYWHERE. These are integrated within the programs that you receive automatically, 24-7, as a benefit of the service.

The FLFE EVERYWHERE field (some like to think of it as a “bubble”) includes:

● The temporary lifting of any negative environment wherever you go

● Support to clear negative karma with others nearby within the FLFE field

● Support for people around your cellular device to rise in consciousness

● Support for people to have a positive intent toward the FLFE EVERYWHERE holder

Let’s unpack them a little more specifically:

0’- 4’ Nurturing love and health cocoon. (Primarily focused on health). The LOC is 575. High consciousness nurturing energy.

Health programs: Immune System, Antioxidant, G.I. Tract Optimization, Liver, Kidney, Gall Bladder optimization, Anti-stagnation. There is more information on the FLFE website Learning Centre HERE

0’ – 9’ Enhanced personal support zone. (Primarily focused on Mental)

● Increase your ability to focus when intending to and to relax when intending to, including a noticeably enhanced ability to experience a quiet mind.

● Meditations are experienced as being easier to enter and the desired state of consciousness is experienced more completely and for longer periods of time without distractions.

● Stimulation of your heart chakra so you feel centered in your heart – so you’re able to give and receive more love to yourself and others.

● Support you to experience more harmony within yourself — and between you and others. Therefore, facilitating a deeper sense of connectedness.

● Enhance your ability to communicate, including better listening ability, greater ability to find the most appropriate words while speaking, and feeling empathy and compassion others. All this is possible while maintaining sound judgement and respecting appropriate personal boundaries.

● Support you to have a heightened level of awareness to maintain your safety.

● Support you to have an optimal response time to maintain that safety.

● Support your ability to multitask.

● Support you to have an optimal short-term memory.

● Support for you to have optimal spatial awareness.

4’- 15’ zone. The LOC in this area is 565. You share the blessing of this high consciousness zone with those nearby you.

15’- 300’ zone. The LOC of this area is at 555, which is still very transformative. It clears the way for you to have a positive experience as you move through your day. It supports people you encounter to have a better mood.

This helps explain the sense of the effortless benefit and benign presence many of our subscribers tell us they experience.

And thus, the fact that you’re bringing that level of consciousness around you — everywhere you take your phone or object — means you are providing a positive service to humanity.

For us, it’s yet another dimension to our ongoing commitment to you, our loyal subscriber — and the process of co-creating this growing consciousness-exploration community together.

We thank you once again for choosing to share this adventure with us.

And we look forward to hearing about how these programs help you heal and evolve further.

With Love and All, That’s in Your Highest and Best Good,


After the free trial, people could subscribe to the service, as below:

  1. FLFE is a subscription service

  2. $30/month for home

  3. $50/month for a business (single geographic location)

iii. $15/month for a non-profit

  1. $30/month for Mobile

  2. Each subscription gets to give a perpetual free subscription to a religious or spiritual organization location anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for specific videos, you may visit the FLFE Learning Centre for Webinars, Podcasts and Videos

Gift another with the Pay it Forward platform

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE Innovations Corp.) is a service company providing a subscription to greatly increase the level of consciousness of property and around a mobile object to a very noticeable and beneficial level. FLFE founders Clayton Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman are experts in the creation of high consciousness fields.



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