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WH 16-27 “The healing power of enzymes” with Dr DicQie Fuller pt 3

Wise Health

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Aired July 5-11, 2016

Join Suma and Bill along with their special guest Dr DicQie Fuller the author or “The Healing Power of Enzymes” and founder of Transformation Enzyme Corporation for this 4 part mini-series on the important role enzymes play in building , maintaining and healing a healthy body. This is part 3 of the series where Dr Fuller will be sharing insights into understanding the four body types and how you can optimize your health through the healing powers of enzymes.

Tune and enjoy a causal conversation filled with inspirational stories and wisdom that that will enable you to make more informed health and lifestyle choices in your life. Every show is packed full of valuable insights that will help you learn how to listen to your what your body, mind and soul is telling you it needs, so that you can be healthier, happier and more productive everyday.

As we say here on Wise Health…

“A daily dose of prevention is the key to becoming happier, healthier and more energized in everything you do!“



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About Dr DicQie Fuller Looney

Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney has enjoyed and been blessed by her thirty-plus years as a clinician, educator, researcher, and author. She has earned two Ph.Ds, one in Health Science and the other in Dietetic Nutrition, and also holds a degree as Naturopathic doctor from Germany’s Kneipp Heilpraktiker Akademie.

Her passion in the last 35 years has been in the realm of Enzyme Therapy along with Biochemical Individualism and their use in bringing balance to the body whether involving our health, thoughts, or harmful beliefs. She also continues to research and study the changes in our food supply and their effects on child development. All of her research and clinical study are with the practitioner in mind, giving them practical, science-based solutions transforming the lives of all people.

Dr. Fuller-Looney is the Founder and Chief Science Officer of Transformation Enzyme Corporation and has published extensively including articles on the use of enzymes in nutrition, body typing, glandular therapy, and appetite and weight control. She is the author of The Healing Power of Enzymes, now in its second edition, and co-authored Living Longer with Dick Couey, Ph.D., of Baylor University and The M Club: Survive Menopause and Feel Great Again with the Healing Power of Enzymes. Follow her latest work at

“I personally believe good health is not an unobtainable privilege meant to be savored only by the fortunate, but rather, it is a right that should be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to take the time to learn how to take care of his or her own body. I have dedicated myself to the idea that everyone is entitled to the healthiest and vital lifestyle they are capable of obtaining. In 1991 when I founded Transformation Enzyme Corporation, I formulated my own line of enzyme-based dietary supplements. I wanted to be sure I could provide the highest quality possible in supplementation for my family, friends, and colleagues. Today, Transformation™ sets the standard of what wellness should look like.

As a clinician I have found great success using enzyme therapy both personally and in my practice. I have been asked this same question for the last thirty-five years: ‘How did you get so involved with enzymes?’ I personally experienced three types of cancer prior to reaching my thirty-fifth birthday. Thankfully my experiences with these wonderful plant-based enzymes have assisted me to remain a cancer survivor for the next thirty-five years. It truly has been a lifesaving benefit to have been introduced to enzyme therapy. I believe enzyme therapy also saved the life of my daughter, Coleen.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about Dr Fuller or to read her on-line articles

CLICK HERE to learn more about Transformation Enzyme Corporation


“The Healing Power of Enzymes“

Healing Power of Enzymes

Enzymes are the unsung heroes of good health. “We can’t exist without them, but few people understand the essential role enzymes play in life,” according to Dr. DicQie Fuller, author of a recently released book, The Healing Power of Enzymes, published by Forbes Custom Publishing.

Written in plain language, the book describes how enzymes act as catalysts, aiding digestion and supporting the body’s endocrine system. “Enzymes must be present before any chemical reaction can occur. Even vitamins, minerals, and hormones cannot do their job without enzymes,” notes Dr. Fuller. Dr. Fuller holds a double Ph.D. in nutrition and health sciences and has more than 20 years of experience in enzyme therapy.

Where do enzymes come from? Some are produced by the body, but most people lack sufficient enzymes because age and high stress reduce the body’s ability to make them, Fuller asserts. Enzymes in food are preserved in raw foods, but are destroyed in cooking. Dr. Fuller recommends supplements to bridge the gap.

The Healing Power of Enzymes explains how enzymes work and why they are necessary. The book identifies common symptoms of enzyme deficiency and offers a plan for individuals seeking to improve and maintain their health. Case studies provide compelling examples of how enzyme therapy has helped people with recurring or long-standing medical problems find relief. For example, a victim of chronic fatigue syndrome who was unable to hold down a regular job was back at work full-time after nine weeks of enzyme therapy.

The author also helps readers understand how their body type affects their food cravings and subsequent weight gain. “We as a nation spend over $35 billion dollars a year on weight loss programs,” Fuller notes. “And the only thing we are really losing is ground.” She provides specific diet and exercise programs tied to each of the four common body types that will keep excess weight off and energy levels at their peak.


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“Music soothes the soul”

Music is one the the most therapeutic and healing natural medicines man has ever created. When you view and listen to this video think of  their lyrics as speaking to the relationship you have with SELF. The Soul Enabled Life Force inside you there to guide you on how to live life to become healthier and happier every day! This video might provide the inspiration you need to star believing that you too have the natural ability to overcome any health obstacles life throws at you…..


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