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So Why is it So hard to Commit to Action

The opportunities to be inspired into action that will help us grow and live in true representation of ourselves.

We say we want to be a part of it, we get so exciting about it, but when it comes time to commit everything in the book comes out to avoid it. I live by 3 things, believe in something, act on it and commit to that action. Believe act commit in order to accomplish the desired result, avoiding, sides stepping and ignoring does not lead you to desired outcome. Maybe the reason things are not accomplished in our lives is the fact of avoidance. Maybe it all sounds good but the action is too hard, requires too much commitment, or too much of ourselves. Could it be we are afraid to act, scared of what we will uncover within ourselves? Or are we just lazy and our lives and work is some else’s responsibility or do we just don not how? I used to teach “The Importance of U” teaching you your unique value and speaking in your authentic voice and listening to speak and to make commitment into action. When you walk the steps necessary to move in the right direction, receiving the answers so needed in obtaining a goal and living up to our own expectations the sense of accomplishment is massive but can only be obtained by action.

Life is ever changing and keeping up and readjusting can be intimidating, but not changing can mean being left behind. It does not matter if it is business, social, loved ones, or friends; we interact with everyone all around us in some way every day. Why not understand where it is they are coming from, where you are in this space and time and where you could go if only you could commit to some action, because positive action is the key to success. Why can you not commit to action? Why do you say yes to someone and the let them and yourself down? Do you know? Do you want to know or are you avoiding that answer? What is stopping you from following through with a commitment, fear, not interested, too hard, indifferent to polite, embarrassed or do you not know what is stopping you?

Come on people you are your biggest asset, your greatest friend, the one who will always be there for you at all times. Value yourself have acceptance of all that you really are and can be and all the possibilities and opportunities that await you. Take the steps to your own accomplishment and by creating your dream, acting on it and committing to that action, there is no other way to achieve success no other way to live the dream but through moving forward in the commitment of belief and action. Say yes to taking action over your own life, be the leader in your own life and live authentically in your own skin and person. When you say you will, then do, when you say you will and don’t then you are misleading people and not respecting them of yourself. Yes, you can do it, just try to never give up and never give in because things only become possible through positive action.

Need help in  finding people who can help you live in self value and authenticity? Need inspiration to help you move forward? Need a purpose to life so you can feel of value? I have the people who will inspire you, I have the people who can guide you and I have the people who help you live your life in commitment and action because you know how.

Weekly shows to inspire you into action

Sara Troy

Producer/Host of Self Discovery Radio


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