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RW19-30 Talking Parkinson’s with Paulette Lewis

Recovering the Whole of you, with Kiti Adderley and her guest Paulette Lewis, ON AIR JULY 23rd

Dr. Lewis is a Georgia licensed Physical Therapist, and owner of NeuroMotion Physical Therapy in the same state. At her clinic in Georgia, she practices Neurological Physical Therapy daily, helping patients who are often overlooked by other outpatient clinics because therapists simply don’t like Neuro.



Dr. Lewis has a Master of Physical Therapy Degree that she obtained in 1999 from NovaSoutheastern University. It was here that her love for neurological physical therapy began as she completed her thesis research in the area of stroke rehab. In 2017 she obtained a specialized Doctoral Degree in Neurological Physical Therapy from the Neuro Recovery Training Institute of Evidence in Motion.

Clinically, Dr. Lewis has been a certified LSVT Big PT since 2013 and is now a PWR Moves and Parkinson Boxing certified PT. All certifications equip her with a level of expertise in Parkinson’s Disease therapy that significantly benefits her patients and their caregivers, far beyond what other clinicians in the area and state can provide. Her patients come from significant distances at times to partake in her knowledge as it affords them a level of function and quality of life that they cherish. Neurological PT is her love and is her area of expertise.


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