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RC19-17 The Sunflower Farm Educational Experience for Kids

Raising our gifted Children with Sara Tory and her guests Doris Richardson and Bren Fresh on the Forgotten Children Series, on air from April 23rd

In 2018, Sunflower Farm, a rural haven located in Longmont, Colorado was officially designated as an Educational Demonstration Farm. This prestigious acknowledgement allowed the Sprouthouse Preschool to continue to blossom into everything it was originally intended since founded in 2005. Additionally, the School-Age Program was relaunched. Both programs integrate farm, nature and animals to foster deep curiosity, exploration and play, allowing an endless opportunity for education, profound growth and self-awareness. In 2019, the Camps will be reintroduced as well.

With every kind of farm animal you can imagine, this working farm is also open to the public (please see Public Hours for FarmFest events). We invite you to come to laugh, explore, dream, and play as you and your family enjoy the serene combination of nature, animals and farm life. During your visit, you can feed the goats, sheep and lama, jump from hay bale to hay bale, play in the corn house, playhouse and sandboxes, explore the tree forts, brush the lama, soar down the zip-line, balance on the slackline and peruse the aeroplane. If you feel like working, get involved in any of the Farm chores or a work project that may be going on. Water play is available on hot days and marshmallows are for sale to toast over the bonfire on cooler days. This visit is unlike any other.






Bren Frisch is one of the founding co-owners of Sunflower Farm in Longmont, Colorado. She was raised on a farm in Northern Ohio. After a wide array of experiences which included education, business, travel and starting a family, she returned to her rural roots. It was there at Sunflower that facets of her past magically came together—art and design, children, beauty and spirituality. Sunflower Farm has been referred to as “a paradise for one’s soul”. She confirms this: “What a blessed life—to not only walk this dirt but also to be Sunflower’s gatekeeper for this tiny spec of time.”

On May 24, 2018, after fifteen years of community significance, Sunflower Farm was officially designated as an Educational Demonstration Farm, granting children and families access to the property.


Doris Richardson’s passion is to build communities that serve our Highly Sensitive, Empathic, Creative & Gifted People and Children through Unity Consciousness and Co-Creating Communities with Life Purpose and A Well-Formed Vision

Doris  is a Unity Consciousness Facilitator; Empath/Sensitive/Creative; Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner; Pioneer Life Purpose Facilitator; Education Consultant, Early Childhood Development, Gifted/Talented, Special Education; Unity Consciousness Facilitator; Speaker

My passion, gifts and purpose are co-creating local, regional and global communities based on practical principles of Unity Consciousness. My intention is to redefine and expand our current understanding of how one person’s true calling not only affects every facet of their own life but our global/universal communities as well.

As an educator, the solution was clear to me. The energy industry needed to begin focusing their recruiting efforts on renewable energy, as well as connecting with the students earlier at the high school level.

For more on Co-Creating YOUR Community go here


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