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RC18-21 Words that Seed our Children with Brandon Walden,

Raising Our Gifted Children with Sara Troy and her guest Brandon Walden, ON AIR FROM MAY 22ND

Seeds and Trees is a beautifully illustrated story about the power of words. Follow the story of the young prince as he plants, waters and tends to the words (seeds) he’s given until one day he realizes they’ve grown into powerful trees…good and bad.




 Brandon is an author and a public speaker. However, more importantly, he is a husband and a father of 5 beautiful daughters. Natives of South Carolina, the Walden family is currently residing in Northern California. As a young man, Brandon was a talented singer-songwriter and a gifted visual artist. He dreamed of using his love of art, and desire to help people, by studying art and psychology and had desired to become an art therapist. However, upon graduating high school, Brandon found himself pursuing missions opportunities in third world countries to serve the poor and needy. This decision informed him greatly in his desire to serve the broken, but completely changed his trajectory as a young man. For many years you’d find him travelling the world looking for opportunities to serve.

Several years later he married his best friend, Stephanie. Years into marriage and having children Brandon began a journey of healing and therapy. As a young man, he had endured sexual abuse from the age of 6-9yrs old. This was a secret he held for over 25yrs. He soon realized the pain he was enduring was causing pain to those around him. He’s spent the past 5 years turning hurt into healing and pain into purpose. It was through this healing journey that he began to write his first children’s book called, Seeds and Trees. It’s a story about the heart and the power of words. Brandon often says it’s his personal biography cleverly disguised as a children’s book. He and his wife formed The Treasured Tree, LLC. late in 2017 as a collaborative company creating resources for parents, teachers and therapist. Brandon’s team is currently preparing a curriculum that can be used in public schools and home schools across the nation based on the concepts presented in Seeds and Trees.

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