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PLR 17- 14 African-American Muslim voice with the Triplett’s

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guest Rufus & Jenny Triplett, on air from April 4th


African-American Muslim TV Hosts are available to discuss living in an America under a Trump Presidency and their TV Show, Lifestyles with Rufus & Jenny, available on Amazon Direct. The African-American Muslim voice is hardly ever heard when speaking with or even about Muslims and Islam or Muslim Issues. The Triplett’s are very vocal about their faith, their lives in American and their non-fear to face whatever comes their way. Their book Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century – 13 Easy Tips That Can Help You Get to 20 Years and Beyond is all the buzz and conversation starter marriage and relationships. They have been touring the country doing book signings, speaking engagements, media appearances and marriage workshops. The book is co-written by the 25+ year married husband and wife team, who are both military veterans, Ebony Magazine’s Couple of the Year for 2012 and As Seen on TLC in a Guide to Love Special, is a down to earth, point blank view of marriage in our own humorous way. They are very media friendly and available for a lifestyle segment on marriage & relationships, travel, food, fitness and health and how things are done from a Muslim perspective which can be very similar or more beneficial than a general perspective.



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We will be covering these imporatant issues. · African –American Muslims · Parents to African-American Men · Military Veterans · Marriage & Divorce · TV Imagery of Muslims · Traveling while Muslim · Parenting Millennials


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