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18-10 Eternal Optimism but running out of Enthusiasm?

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from March 6th

Sometimes those dark thoughts come creeping in, they take away your enthusiasm for your optimism. How do we stop that from happening?

I am the eternal optimist, always believing that somehow it will work out, that I am meant to go this way, meant to take this journey. Then something happens and you are challenged once again, and you wonder about it all. I am very enthusiastic about what I do, what vision I see for the future, what possibilities lay before me, and I take action to put them in the process, then it is STOP, not now.

That is when you get the hurry up and wait, what wait why? everything feels right, the vision is clear the action is needed now, so why the wait? Well, you can not argue with the universe, and you have to surrender to patience once again. BUT, it is a damper on the enthusiasm.

I am optimistic that my vision will find its action, in time, and I will always find my enthusiasm for it is my divine presence, even though it drops off sometimes on those dark days for a moment or two.

So how we choose to see the world is our choice, even when things are shity, think manure for that is the soil of growth. I know at times it can be challenging, the always up to only be brought down, but maybe those down times are preparing us for what wonders are to come.

So don’t get gloomy, I know it is hard at times, dark at times, even scary, do not forget that freedom starts in the mind with a willingness to connect with our heart and souls.

I face this daily, yet I choose even though the clouds to see the clear blue sky. Sometimes I have to see it in my mind before I truly see it in my heart,  but when you do, you know, this darkness will pass and optimism and enthusiasm will prevail.



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