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C18-11 Raising Awareness of The Real Self: with Dr Vie

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Vie: on air from March 13th

Dr. Vie: Raising Awareness of The Real Self:

Super Conscious Humanity is the answer to a kind, non-violent, loving and blissful humanity.

AS LONG AS there is suffering, as long as there is regret, as long as there is little satisfaction in life, the human continues to search for a better life and something more.

But if you are suffering, why not put a stop to it? If you are feeling regret, why not stop it? If you are not satisfied, why not find something lasting instead of momentary? What is it within the human that, even though he knows something is harmful to him, compels him to engage in action that ultimately drags him down to the pits of emotional torment and mental anguish?

“The answer lies in wait in every human, and the only way out is to unravel the real Self, and live fully in tune with your real identity, instead of living as someone else or for someone else,” says Dr. Vie.




Dr. Vie (V) is of Indian lineage born in the throes of apartheid in South Afric and branded as “non-white.” Following an enlightening experience at age 16 as she was about to be killed by a soldier, her perspective of life changed.

“I left the country solo, something certainly uncommon in those days, for a tiny single Indian female. Since then, I’ve been living a nomadic life for +30 years on my own. An unplanned real-life adventure getting on my Life Express (as named in the Book); new places, a variety of peoples, numerous cultures, fantastic cuisines, foreign languages and of course many challenges.

What truly amazes me beyond the fascinating cities, towns and traditions, is the breathtaking natural environments as I hike high up in the mountain trails around the globe, sometimes with a guide and most often on my own.

The African ranges to the Himalayan peaks. Pristine air, sounds of nature, and the splendour of fauna and flora in their natural habitat resonated with me. Staring into the eyes of a young deer, strolling alongside a giraffe, and revelling in the dainty clasp of a hummingbird on my finger. Most often I am one with everything.

When I’m not exploring mountains, I share my personal revelations and insights to tens of thousands of all ages, from tiny tots ages 3+ to the 100+, in poverty-stricken huts and villages to plush halls. What a joy to witness human personal transformations. I love inspiring our fellow Beings.

Yes, I’ve many degrees, doctorate and post-doctorate from the USA, authored university books, self-help books as well as fiction time travel adventures. In Switzerland I dabbled in diagnostic devices (with a patent) and natural wellness, pioneering the first raw, fresh, vegan natural Superfoods factory in 2005 in Canada. The foods fed children, diabetics, patients, doctors, celebrities, Olympians and more. I’ve also taught as an assistant professor at a medical university, engaged in clinical practice, worked as a medical device scientist in Denmark and conduct research in India.

Since 2005 I self-fund my humanitarian super conscious work and help tens of thousands of youth especially in Africa. When the youngsters are living as their real Selves, they only wish love and safety and bliss for everyone.

Most of all, over the past 10 years I’ve been focusing my time inspiring our fellow Beings of all ages to live life as their real Selves…because I know the only hope for a better future is if humans are in full control of their own minds….and not being mind-controlled or living as anything but their real Selves, free. Our strength is within our freedom from the mind.

As I share my insights, my rewards come from the excitement in the eyes of those who attend the many seminars, workshops and events, the smiles that fill their faces, and the abundant hugs after each session. My work is my personal journey and not really work…but living, and I live a simple life, pouring any revenue back into my volunteer humanitarian life around the globe.”

Visit Dr. Vie’s site and join her free weekly interactive live streams focused on how to live as the real you, or contact her to invite her to speak at your events, or to set up a counseling session for your Self or loved ones, or peruse or benefit from the books, programs, online educational training within the Super Conscious Humanity memberships, workshops, superfoods and much more.




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