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P14/50a Keeping Our Memories Alive and Inviting Business

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Anastasia Modestova ORIGINALLY Aired December 16th


Anastasia Modestova is a videographer. She Immigrated to Canada in 2008 when she fell in love, she got her MBA  degree at HEC Montreal. Anastasia worked as a marketing director in Vancouver BC. B ut as good as the job was and as good as she was at it, her heart and soul was else where. In 2013 founded a video production company Movie About You where capturing memories for generations to come and helping business promote their work has become her true calling.

She says to think about your most important values. Hers are Freedom, Creativity and Beauty. That is why she became a videographer. And she loves every moment of my life because she can create beauty in visual format and touch peoples hearts. Believe me, it is a very powerful feeling.

 For Business 

Ideal for small business owners. Why? Because you need to spread the word out about your products or services and you are determined to do so in the most effective way. And because your budget is restricted.

Well, If you are looking to create a video for your business webpage, your professional blog, your YouTube channel, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, your Google+ account or for other social media and if  you are located in Vancouver, Canada, a video is the greatest tool to achive your business goals. Most of our clients are small business owners and we understand exactly what you are looking for.

The reason You Tube and videography are booming industries is because people in general yearn for real life experiences. Photos are simply not enough. Everyone wants to feel and see the person in action, hear the sounds of their voices and view their real life facial expressions.

 For Family 

Each family including yours has its own unique story, a story that is worth transferring to future generations.

Most of us a lot know a lot about our parents, less about our grandparents and almost nothing about our great grandparents. That’s sad.

As an example, wouldn’t it be an amazing experience to go back in time whenever we wanted and watch those in our family lineage from say the 19th century -speaking, smiling, sharing their happy and sad moments. How powerful it would be to keep the memories and feelings alive…That is precisely why we have created The Family Video Legacy…

A Family Video Legacy preserves your family spiritual DNA, inspires your children, your grandchildren.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


 Movie About You is a video production company located in Vancouver, Canada.

Anastasia Modestova

More on your host Sara Troy go to Choose-positive-living

This is the spot Anastasia did for us at PLV Radio ( now Self Discovery Radio) . PLV-Radio from Movie About You on Vimeo. We have changed our station’s name and detail since then, but you can see how she captures me.


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